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Whatever Spursy Wants (Spursy Gets)

And right now, what Spursy wants, is some tongue. Oops.

It’s The Little Things (Part 2)

The original storyboard / comic strip / MS Paint spazz attack listing 15 items “that made McG happy” was so popular (and I had so many ideas, with so many great suggestions still incoming), that I bowed to INTENSE PEER PRESSURE do to a second set. Thanks to: Paula, LaHagela, heymomo, Karin, Infant, Maureen, Stalker … Continue reading

Burberry McGarrett’s Revenge for the Columbian Drug Bust (now with pictures!)

This story was originally published on December 21st at H50Sardonic and provides some Burberry McGarrett-inspired “missing scenes” in response to this prompt from Mis McGarrett: I think “Pahele” really means “Missed opportunity” because I was so waiting for Gov to go apesh.t all over McG & team for the whole Korea nonsense, not to mention … Continue reading

It’s the Little Things (unlike you-know-what)*

So over at H50sardonic we were getting distressed, thinking how McGarrett’s really been put through the ringer so far this season… So we did a brainstorm on “What Makes McG Happy & What is he Thankful For?” Presented In no particular order! Here are our results. Art by me! *Title by the amazing & hilarious … Continue reading

Junk Drawer Extras (Read All About It!)

LAST UPDATED: MARCH 28th, 2012! Sometimes there are items in the Junk Drawer that don’t need their own post, but do need a place to live out loud. This is that place. March 28th, 2012 Inspired Andr3a’s epic Ode On A Masculine Manly Man… O McG bod! How masculine! with loin Of marble – The … Continue reading

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