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SEALs vs. Pirates (Intro to NCIS:LA)

So the fine men & women of the US Navy rule the 7 seas of planet Earth uncontested, no? (she says knowing full well most of her subscribers are non-USAers…. NOH8! non-USAers…) And of the US sailors that sail the 7 seas, the US Navy SEALs, the elite forces, are the cream of that crop … Continue reading

The Day the Five-0s were Just Like Us (blame that other chick edition)

The Day the Five-0s were Just Like Us started on H50 Sardonic as Maha noted in her recap of “Tidal Wave” (Season 1 Episode 15), “I really need that episode to happen where McG makes promises but then can’t fulfill them. That episode we will call That day The 5-0s Were Just Like Us.” This … Continue reading

H50 Episode Reviews (This Title Will Change)

I’m gonna do REVIEWS (not recaps!) of H50 episodes! Based on how much of each episode caters to the things that I like! Criteria: The Bromance-o-meter Time spent solely with victims/criminals/non-team members (the less time the better) Important things we learned about the characters (their past or their personalities) How good was the action (guns/explosions/fist … Continue reading

The Adventures of Stick!Mick St. John (Happy Birthday Infant)

Stick!Mick St. John was such a hit when I included him on Westy’s Birthday Card, I knew I had to bring him back for more. No better excuse than the birthday of one of Mick St. John’s biggest fans, Infant (well, it’s her birthday in North America anyway)! So, without further ado, the inagural Adventures … Continue reading

Resistance is Futile (’cause Kimmer says so)

Coming together to form a online community, finding those like-minded individuals who understand your interests & are around to enable your obsessions with certain television shows & their stars, is a truly beautiful thing. What you might not expect is how your opinions & thoughts on your tv Show, which used to only be your … Continue reading

The Adventures of Lori Weston (Happy Birthday Jana!)

Next Monday, on H50 it appears there will be quite a big to-do regarding the future of the latest member of the Five-0 Team. It’s been weighing heavy on my mind (for many, many reasons). And so! I have created this biography & backstory for Officer Weston. The 10,000 foot view of my personal headcanon … Continue reading

Moonlight Slice of Life… (cat fight?)

I wanted to call this blog entry “Meow Mix.” But then I thought, “Stephanie, don’t let the gin & fresca determine ALL the words you use tonight.” SO INSTEAD, I did this, in my ongoing pointless mind-boggling wooing of Spurschick (it is just so fun and easy to make her happy). God I hope this … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Westy! (with three times the love)

Happy Birthday to the Baddest B/tch in Western Australia! Hope you are having a great day & C U Next Tuesday! Very special thanks to Infant, HeyMomo & Ess for their input & support, especially as concerns Stick!Mick.

Mick St. John (and the Hallway Wall)

The Beginning ~ Rupert Brooke (1906) Some day I shall rise and leave my friends And seek you again through the world’s far ends, You whom I found so fair (Touch of your hands and smell of your hair!), My only god in the days that were. My eager feet shall find you again, Though … Continue reading

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