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Happy Birthday McG (Bodacious Costume Party, Dude!)

While I’m almost sure that this mash-up has been done before (and most likely done with higher quality somewhere on tumblr or LJ), I can say with confidence that this request came up organically, on my blog, because Jayne is a smart-a$$ and I just can’t say no to my hilarious friends.

So may I present, in honor of Steve McGarrett’s 35th birthday today, a late-80s/early-90s costume party theme, with each of the Five-0s playing the part of a Ninja Turtle.

Descriptions of the Turtles are taken from Wikipedia, with only minor edits for artistic purposes. The masks/weapons were lifted (& then edited, by me) from the Turtle’s profile pages at Ninja Turtles Dot Com the official TMNT website!

Leonardo  — The courageous leader and devoted student of martial arts, Leonardo wears a blue mask and wields two Katana. He is the most skilled fighter of the turtles. He is a pillar of strength and the other Turtles are at a loss when he is injured or absent. He has a strong sense of honor, ethics, and Bushidō.

Donatello  — The knowledgeable scientist, inventor, engineer, and technological genius, Donatello wears a purple mask and wields the staff. Donatello is perhaps the least violent Turtle, preferring to use his knowledge to solve conflicts.

Michelangelo — Easy-going and free-spirited, Michelangelo wears an orange mask and wields a pair of nunchaku.  She is youngest of the four Turtles. While she loves to relax and eat pizza, this Turtle also has an adventurous, creative side and is a total “surfer girl.”

Raphael — The team’s bad boy, Raphael wears a red mask and wields a pair of sai. He has an aggressive nature and seldom hesitates to throw the first punch. He is an intense fighter who speaks in a Brooklyn accent. His personality can be fierce and sarcastic, and oftentimes delivers deadpan humor. Still, he is intensely loyal to his Ohana.

Hapy 35th Birthday McG! May the coming year bring you health, happiness, answers to all your life’s questions and plenty of reasons to take off your shirt (not like you’ve needed any reasons before, you crazy, crazy man).

About SJ2

I am good with: Details, Bad Ideas, Hilarity, Sarcasm and Overthinking! I kid because I care!


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday McG (Bodacious Costume Party, Dude!)

  1. OMG! I know I’ve already said it (elsewhere) but thank you do much for doing this. It’s really weird because I really only said it jokingly because I didn’t grasp what TNG meant, but Blimey it actually makes sense & works. I love the picture so so v funny, CHIN CHIN is really rocking that look!!

    Posted by Wee Jayne | March 10, 2012, 11:51 am
  2. I lived u! U make me laugh! This is genius!

    Posted by Justine | March 10, 2012, 11:53 am
  3. But why does McG have swords coming out of his nipples? (me likey)

    Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | March 10, 2012, 12:13 pm
  4. OMG Cowabunga Dude!! This is awesome!!
    Love that the ties of their masks blow in the breeze. LOL!!
    You crack me up SJ! As per usual 🙂

    Posted by heymomo | March 10, 2012, 1:02 pm
    • What is so great is how the actual personalities of the Turtles fits the Team so well! That’s why this idea just wouldn’t let me go- because it was so damn perfect!

      Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | March 10, 2012, 1:13 pm
      • I was actually going to say it is kind of freaky how well they fit. I think we have found out @Plenkovs secret. He is a MASSIVE TMNT fans and used those characters as inspiration for his own. 😉

        I love this Steph. I kidn of just want to walk around calling Danno Raphael now.

        Posted by Infant_Sardonic | March 10, 2012, 1:40 pm
        • Infant, I had this exact same thought! Does that make him Splinter?

          Steph, I love this. I can’t believe how perfectly it fits (and I can’t believe I forgot McG’s birthday! This is an honour I usually reserve only for close friends and family).

          Also: how freaking amazing does Kono look in a mask? They need to bring the comic book convention back so she can go undercover in costume. Max could be her sidekick!

          Posted by aliciad71 | March 12, 2012, 12:03 am
  5. I’m sorry I never watched TMNT so I just have nothing to add except they all look cool in their masks!

    Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | March 12, 2012, 5:54 pm
  6. I am so late to this party ! Great job SJ, I am loving the masks and the comparisons. This group can certainly relate just about anything back to H50 !

    Posted by Stalker! (lb) | March 15, 2012, 3:28 pm

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