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The Ohana Review: Direct to Heaven (Direct the Other Way)

So in my mind this is like, the first “real” ep of Show. If The Pilot was all about introducing the characters, this episode is all about introducing the formula, the format. Maybe it would be better to say this is the first “normal” episode of Show. This episode is a non-event, setting the average baseline, setting expectations for what’s to come. And right out the gate we get an… average episode… chock full of the things I love about Show with a fair helping of… what I don’t.

What are we in for here, huh?

Starting off Bad: an extended scene showing the victim of the week (VotW) chatting with his son on the phone before he is besieged by villains. This introduces us right away to a couple of Show’s biggest faults (in my book):

1) Pointlessly using children to amp up the drama
2) Extended intro scenes setting up the crime

Taking the first 10 episodes of H50 Season 1 where none of the “Core 4” make an appearance — so excluding the pilot, the football game ep, the ep where Kono’s mentor is shot, etc. the length of each of the intro scenes (before the credits roll) is 127 seconds long, or just over two minutes.

I then did the same for 10 Season 1 NCIS:LA eps (Show’s crossover partner) and the average was 97 seconds, just over a minute & a half. Doesn’t seem like much, but over time, it makes a difference (thirty seconds times 40 episodes is 20 whole minutes of Show!).

NCIS:LA’s opening scenes get shorter as the series progresses. I swear to god one of the Season 3 eps begins with a guy walking down a street, as he passes a convenience store (so lots of glass windows) some gangsters drive by & shoot him (and the glass windows) to pieces, and it takes all of 30 seconds.

However, what we have here is nearly two whole minutes of VotW chatting with his Child before he is kidnapped. Not to beat this dead horse of a point, but two minutes is 4% of a 42 minute show.

So Hooray! that’s over! So we segue into Good: H50’s now iconic “Why I’m a Cop” montage (swimming McG, Danno with Gracie, Chin on his bike & Kono with her brand new uniform) and the beyond words epic malasada breakfast which introduces us to the Great Tie Debate of Season 1. Alex & Scott are brilliant in this scene, and the writing is crisp. Love it. Nothing but love.

"It's the tie."

However, then the case begins. We spend some pointless time with the Child (kids never know anything!) but then McG & Danny go to the Air Force Base. The case progresses procedural-style pretty much from there…

Ess, what is going on with these tan cargos?

…until Chin leads McG & Danny to the Hotel With A Roof. They get to The Roof via elevator. Which, again love that scene. Everyone likes hippos! The faces, the writing, the comedic timing. Great stuff.

Men At Work

And then we get to The Roof. So McG hangs a guy off a roof. We’re supposed to be shocked (I think we are, at least, I was) and Danny’s reaction while… loud… makes sense. It’s not technically proper.

But Show makes its first big mistake of the ep: Chin has pulled the baddie’s rap sheet while on The Roof and informed McG & Danny the man was a professional thief; by the time McG & Danny get back to the car, McG somehow knows what the Interpol database didn’t — that the man is in the Serbian Mafia & his tattoo means his gang is the ruthless sort that “kills kids.” How did this not appear on the man’s rap sheet? This is unfortunate writing. Most of Danny’s ranting in the car was unnecessary and it makes him look like a total idiot (although, honestly, Danny, that dude didn’t say a word the entire time you talked to him, you weren’t going to “get into his head,” Serbian Mafia or not).

So Danny looks like an incompetent moron and McG looks like a dangerous know it all. Thanks Show! Great job there. Danny & McG pretty much snip at each other the rest of the episode. The bromance has gotten off to a rocky start. Show has me frowning at it.

However, Show gets big points for Toast. Adam Charles! “Dessert before Dinner,” “I’ll take my time & do it right,” “unicorn style,” and “that’s problematic” are things I say now… all the time. Please, Show! Bring Back Toast!


Kono is now on baby-sitting duty and we spend more pointless time with the Child. Now Kono herself is pretty darn awesome in this episode, big points for Kono. She is great protecting the VotW & Child while they are being held by the baddies; she is resourceful and intense.

One Tough Cookie

My favorite scene of the episode comes as Chin, Danny & McG close in on the location where the Baddies are holding Kono & the victims hostage.

My Favorite Scene: Partners

McG shows he can ask for input before moving forward & Danno learns that maybe he & McG don’t operate so differently after all. It’s a short little scene – more like a collection of lines than anything else – but it gets the episode back on track. Everything that happens after this moment is in Team Five-0’s favor. Also, I just really like Danny’s “frightened” and McG’s “thinking” faces.

Ess, his pants are doing it again!

But the bad guys — do you even remember anything about the bad guys? Either the Serbian boss or… whoever it was that came to buy the skeleton key? They were so forgettable and cliche. The most ridiculous moment to me is when the Boss doesn’t let the Evil Girlfriend shoot Kono outright. They have this lengthy conversation about how she is a good hostage & then later, when Evil Girlfriend does get permission to shoot, she takes her time, smiles evilly, cocks her gun dramatically… it’s so… stale and trite. The bad guys then are all shot and/or exploded and/or “booked,” and the episode ends but not before we get this:

Our Ohana

The Final Scene of this episode is just… pure magic. The writing, the tight close-ups of their faces, Oh Their Faces. Which are priceless.

Rookie's First Day

Boss man McG will protect you like family.

By the end of the episode, Danno & McG are friends.

Look at her faaaaaaace! And those dimples!

Cousin Chin Ho Kelly, how is your face? Just... how?

This final scene is so perfect. As the older guys bring Kono into their ranks, we are brought in, too. When McG says “we take care of each other like family,” he is saying that to us, too. If this moment worked for you, you became a fan of H50. If this moment didn’t push your buttons emotionally, you probably didn’t keep watching. Because this is what Show is all about.

This ep gets 5.8 out of 10 from me. Not a great score. Everything that earned points in this episode had to do with the writing of the McG/Danny breakfast scene and some additional banter throughout, Kono being generally awesome, Toast, and the Final Ohana scene. In this ep, Kono is the highlight – far & away – most of which is due to Grace Park’s highly underrated and under-appreciated acting abilities.

Chin, McG & Danny all have their moments, but what worked against this episode is the unfortunate writing around how the case was solved that pitted McG & Danny against each other unnaturally and nonsensically — creating a conflict just to have conflict between the two new partners. Additionally, the completely forgettable, potboiler bad guys & gal who endanger a child for no reason other than to ratchet up the drama. Show! You can do better!

But let’s end on a happy note… it’s party time… and McG & Danno are bringing the lollipops!

"Baked like a potato..."

So let’s party!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way… ~Charles Dickens

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63 thoughts on “The Ohana Review: Direct to Heaven (Direct the Other Way)

  1. The first photo of McG/Alex is killing me….took me a while to read further.
    This was a getting to know each other episode for me after the high impact Pilot, introduced the team.
    The gifts they gave Kono at the end, was telling me so much about each of their characters and where they come from, even more than a lot of dialogue could have.
    Kono proving herself as worthy of the team even before she got her badge and Grace Parks’s acting skills like you mention, stood out for me. Having only seen Grace in an episode of Human Target (in which I thought she was great), by this time, she impressed me….and I thought, good choice in casting her.
    I totally agree – please bring back “Toast”!
    And thanks again!!

    Posted by FOYeur | March 29, 2012, 11:54 pm
    • FOYeurrrrrr! I have to thank you AGAIN for your inspiration… I’d never be able to do these reviews without the kick-start you provided.

      Thank you for liking my screen grab of Alex up top. He does have a cute confused face, huh?? 😀

      ACA, Kono is just such the star of this episode. Her ongoing conversation with Chin about the graduation dinner showed so much of her personality, her loyalty, her hopes, her sense of right & wrong… she may be a rookie and a little naive, but she is just so likeable and real. And she shows that she can step up when the moment calls for it.

      Also, I’m glad to see I’m not alone on TEAM TOAST!

      Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | March 30, 2012, 10:03 am
      • I wrote my first comment on memory….so here is some more thoughts after watching….
        I think they really tried to get the point of the sacrifces of being a cop, home to us. Steve’s dad, Danny and Chin, lost there families “in the line of duty”…and together with that, why they amongst themselves being a family, is so important!
        This case may have been weak…but to me the whole case was about the importance of the security of Hawaii towards global security and therefore why their jobs of securing it is so important. (They are a special team in a special place in the world)
        Does anybody else think Steve walking in the wrong direction on the roof was an Alex mistake and that he and Scott adlibbed and then they kept it in?
        PS. We must always be careful what we wish for…..the 5yr old McG got his wish after all…..
        PSPS I’ve actually got more “issues” about the”lack” of underwear in the pilot and the wedgies of this episode?! 😉

        Posted by FOYeur | April 1, 2012, 11:46 am
        • I have no idea if it was Alex’s mistake or scripted, but whatever it was, it was so frakking funny. Sheila and I are always like “that way you’re going?!” even if someones walking in the right direction.

          Posted by Infant_Sardonic | April 2, 2012, 2:00 am
        • I *really* like your observation about the case showing how important Hawaii is to global security. That concept is really important — honestly I wish more of the cases were that way instead of just “murder.” Like, how does HPD decide when to call in the Five-0s? There doesn’t seem to be much clear-cut criteria around that question.

          WEDGIES! 😀

          Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | April 4, 2012, 3:14 pm
          • “showing how important Hawaii is to global security.”

            I wish show would do this more. But does show think this would be lost on the viewer??? Are they dumbing things down for us….?

            Posted by Infant_Sardonic | April 5, 2012, 1:38 am
          • I’ve wondered this (in fact, I wonder this out loud about every third episode, which drives NotMcG to distraction). Most recently, the jury duty episode. Not wishing to be uncaring (about a…. fictional person) but why would the murder of a teenager – inital suspect: boyfriend – merit the attention of an elite task force set up to fight organised crime?

            Posted by aliciad71 | April 5, 2012, 8:24 am
  2. You are so so right! There were so many classic moments in this episode, but the bits in between weren’t quite ‘there’ yet. The rooftop scene, entertaining as it is, never really worked for me because, as much as I love to see McG hang a guy off a roof, it seemed to be a little contrived. It really seemed to be there to give McG a chance to do something wild’n’crazy – because it was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY, as was Danny trying to get inside his head, because they found out everything they needed to know from the fingerprint and the tattoo (which has never struck me as being odd before. Good catch!). Although “That way? You’re going?” is still one of the funniest moments of the entire series for me – McG’s ‘cr@p. I made myself look like an idiot and there’s no way I can style it out’ face was just sheer perfection!

    It says something about this episode that I remember almost nothing about the actual plot, but all the good scenes that you’ve pulled out of it are ingrained on my memory. But it was early days (is it too soon to be getting nostalgic? I’m getting nostalgic for when Kono was allowed to properly kick a.s every once in a while).

    Love your writing, as always. You are awesome!

    Posted by aliciad71 | March 30, 2012, 12:27 am
    • One of my favorite parts of the scene on the roof is how when McG pulls the guy up, he & Danny just let him drop, dead weight sack of potatos to the floor. It’s really quite funny. So good job bit-part actor dude with no lines except for screaming in pain quite convincingly when McG sticks your thumb into your bullet hole!

      There are so many great moments of this ep, like McG’s finger pointing on the roof! I also liked it when McG was fussing with the computer in Roland’s secret room & Danny goes “oh great, you put a blip in the matrix!” I thought that was pretty funny writing as well. This episode has SO MANY GREAT moments, it’s just kind of painful that they so overdid the McG/Danny conflict and that the bad guys were weak and so many scenes with The Child…

      But the final scene…. ah, the final scene. 😀

      Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | March 30, 2012, 10:17 am
      • “One of my favorite parts of the scene on the roof is how when McG pulls the guy up, he & Danny just let him drop, dead weight sack of potatos to the floor.” – I LOL every time with that bit!! So subtle and funny!! I love subtle funny…Love.Love.Love.

        I also think the writers have a thing for the Matrix. Here, the Halloween epi with Max dressed as a much shorter and slightly more asian NEO (No h8! Keanu’s part asian) and then of course Danny calling Max, Keanu. lol.

        Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | April 1, 2012, 7:59 am
  3. Steph, I simply love this blog. Your observations about show are so deep and reveal your devotion to our fave show. You say so eloquently everything I feel.
    I also like how all our blogs are different. Sardonic is so…sardonic and my blog is just a random collection of Random Sh/t about AOL and related stuff. Something for everyone – how ordinary would it be if they were all alike.

    Cheers to you for an awesome post! Xxxx

    Posted by westy | March 30, 2012, 12:59 am
  4. Not one of shows stronger episodes, I agree, but there was enough there to keep me coming back. Also, having watched as many series as I have in my time, I tend to let a lot of things slide during season 1 of a show. I like to give them a whole season to work it out.

    I loved the “that way you’re going?” and the “everyone loves hippos” scenes. I especially like it some 30+ episodes later we can see how far Steve has come in interacting with kids. Uncle Steve!

    I also remember liking that Kono’s hair was all messed up at the end. I always liked that show had her in realistic clothes (i.e. she wasn’t chasing down perps in 4 inch heels or something silly like that). It was one of the things I liked very early on about show.

    Steph I am loving these posts. I think it’s a good thing you, Ess and I don’t work together because our asse$ would have been fired months ago ’cause all we would do was sit around and talk about show.

    Posted by Infant_Sardonic | March 30, 2012, 4:23 am
    • Most of the *dialogue* in this episode is really well written – like Chin & Kono’s conversation early on about feeling a chill wind & McG giving the long-form name for “bulletproof” glass. But I think when you have great characters, writing memorable dialogue is easier than writing a good mystery story. No excuse for how dullsville the bad guys were in this ep, though. 😉

      Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | March 30, 2012, 9:32 am
  5. I agree that this was one of the weaker episodes, we have a rule in our house when we watch new shows, we give them 5 episodes to get their ass in gear, if they don’t they’re out out of here! For example Alcatraz is on Ep 3 & skating on v v thin ice! H50 pilot was good & then took a little dip, thankfully its generally aces!

    Posted by Jayne Crumpet B*tch (@Crumpet_B) | March 30, 2012, 8:10 am
    • Hey Steph! Great review! ❤ ❤ ❤ your analysis.

      As far as "what's going on with the pants?" I'm not sure either….waiting for Ess to help us figure this out.

      My theories:
      1. Cargos are giving him an atomic wedgie.
      2. Someone's having underwear (or lack thereof) issues.
      3. There isn't enough room in there for all the "fun parts."
      4. Pockets are weighed down with grenades.
      5. There's a "whale" in the pants tonight.
      6. Pants can't decide ON or OFF?

      Posted by andre3a | March 30, 2012, 8:35 am
      • Andre3a, very good theories!! I’m not entirely sure one or all of them isn’t the real reason. 😉 *Probably#2*cough*

        But for me, all i can think is that the cargos are trying to do what *I* would do if i were in their um, on their, um…if I was them. That is to hug that fine @ss so tightly they’d have to peel me off like a banana peel.

        God Bless the Tan Cargos. My panties and I are anxiously awaiting their return.

        Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | March 30, 2012, 8:56 am
        • It occurs to me, looking at that last picture (where you can see the outline of Alex’s *hand* in his pocket, it’s crammed in there so tight) that Alex’s pants must only get more comfortable as time goes by while Scott’s pants… go the other way. I mean, they’re practically baggy (they were really working hard for that “rumpled east coast cop” look)!

          Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | March 30, 2012, 9:03 am
          • I noticed Scott looked thinner & leaner in this episode. His face is for sure thinner. Possibly M is right and he really is having to squeeze into his clothes in s2. lol.

            And yet Alex was the one they made come back to S2 thinner. Ugh. FU CBS.

            Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | March 30, 2012, 9:32 am
            • Ess, did he say why they wanted him that way? Why mess with perfection. F U CBS!

              Posted by westy | March 30, 2012, 9:42 am
              • I personally didn’t see the interview but Kimmer & someone else I respect & trust saw it also. I think I asked them and he didn’t say why.

                I have no idea why they fk with perfection. I mean, they didn’t have him in swim trunks & coming up out of the water in this episode because he was hard on the eyes…… FU CBS.

                Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | March 30, 2012, 10:16 am
            • I don’t understand it either. LLCJ is presented as the Naviest SEALy SEAL of all on NCIS:LA and that guy is big & bulky. I don’t see CBS telling him to slim down. SEALs in real life are not necesarily “lean.” I just don’t get it.

              Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | March 30, 2012, 9:47 am
              • I don’t see where it could have enhanced anything on show for him to be thinner and jeez, its not like he was overweight at all! I do admit the thinness added to the drama of 2.10 but he could have easily dropped a few just for that epi and its not like he should have lost that much weight in the one week he was in Halawa.

                You are correct, SEALS are kind of bulky (Ick..LLCJ is too bulky for my taste).

                FU CBS

                Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | March 30, 2012, 10:21 am
                • OK I have a rant in relation to all of this that shouldn’t be said in front of polite company. So just know there were lots of hand gestures, much swearing, the threat to boycott CBS when in Hawaii, followed by more swearing.

                  Posted by Infant_Sardonic | April 1, 2012, 1:53 am
  6. I just so happened to watch this episode last night and it drove home to me what I still feel about show. The best episodes have the most forgettable plots. (with the event episodes excluded)

    I have mostly nothing but love for this episode because the final scene, the Ohana scene is the scene that I fell for hook, line & sinker. It gave me a lump in my throat that I still get every single time I watch this episode. Which ironically I think I’ve only watched 3 times. *I KNOW* crazy!

    What I was amazed at last night while watching is how FUNNY McG was. He really had some good stuff but never gets credit for them. His non-plussed face with the kid in the elevator (credit always goes to Danny for the hippo story), the opening scene with him & Danny, “I want to look like a professional” Steve, “A professional what?”, to Toast, “take your time, its not like a national emergency” and of course the “pacalolo” line and gesture. What took everyone so long to realize he was funny? Myself included.

    Most probably he was just drowned out by Danno. I’m probably going to get in trouble for this by the Danny legion but he annoyed the hell out of me in this episode. It made me dive straight for the Tums bottle again and after it was over I thought…did Danny even crack a smile in that entire episode? Maybe with the kid..I dunno. All i remember is his face going from blank to aneurysm face and back. His ranting seemed angry in this episode and to me that’s just.not.funny. I long for the Danny of S2 who is much more laid back and likeable. I also wonder if its why I never watched episode 3 until sometime last summer…and apparently didn’t care because I never realized I missed an entire episode.

    Also, if you didn’t love Grace Park by the end of this episode you didn’t have a pulse. Was the writing for her really all that spectacular? I don’t think so. I think it’s just a testament to how a really talented actress can elevate a role off the written page. **Lauren German, I’m looking at you** All it took was 1.5 eps for GP to steal my heart. Did they tell us her entire back story? Did we really know that much about Kono from this other than she loved her cuz fiercely and was a dependable, smart rookie?? Did we need it to CARE about her?? What GP proved with just this little bit of material was that she was convincing in the action scenes, she could break your heart with a look and make you smile when she smiles. Nothing but love for Grace.

    Apparently I have a love/hate relationship with this episode but thankfully the Ohana speaks the loudest to me.

    Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | March 30, 2012, 9:27 am
    • Also I’d like to say FU to all those who think Alex is wooden. If that opening scene, watching his face while he listens to his dad’s recording doesn’t move you, then you are watching TV with blinders on.

      It was these moments of ‘heart’ that stick out to me. His face, Grace’s face, Chin’s “you know I wouldn’t have missed your graduation” and them in uni at the end. Its not that they *just* presented her with gifts. They got their swag on for it and it’s a striking visual image that lasts…

      Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | March 30, 2012, 9:40 am
      • People just hate because they can hate. Let them hate, then it’s less people we have to share Alex with. 😛 Our love more than makes up for those peoples lack thereof.

        Posted by Infant_Sardonic | April 1, 2012, 1:57 am
        • The only problem with that mate, is I want Alex to get better roles.
          Quality and quantity.

          Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | April 1, 2012, 8:17 am
          • Heh. Mate. 🙂

            As long as the right people see it, which the people at FKuCBS (yes that’s what I am calling you because I fking hate you right now and Danno knows how long I can hold a grudge….FYI It was months), obviously did and continue to do. I would love for him to be in another movie I ❤ as much as TOF. I have a long weekend coming up. Someone better hide my TOF or it's getting rewatched.

            Posted by Infant_Sardonic | April 2, 2012, 1:48 am
    • The best episodes have the most forgettable plots

      ACA! That is like Show’s secret motto or something!!

      McG *is* funny. I don’t understand the no credit thing. I always thought so — but then, I wasn’t part of the online fandom for most of Season 1 — I was watching in a vacuum. Please know that in my living room, he got credit. 🙂

      I think Danny was supposed to be annoying this episode… Steve looks crazier by proxy… the more violent the reaction against his action are… just another situation created by the writers to make false conflict, I think. *sigh*

      What gets to me is that Steve never seems to mind the ranting… he never says “if you feel that way, leave” and Danny never says “I’m outta here” in fact, just the opposite, they work through their fight (sort of) and that moment where McG says “I wasn’t gonna kill him” and Danny replies “well that is good,” I really love that moment. But no, that whole cargument, while memorable for Alex’s legendary side-eye & Scott’s flailing hands — the content of the fight was yeah, just too serious and angry to be totally entertaining.

      I also have love/hate relationship for this episode which, if I knew how to say “a tale of two episodes” in Hawaiian, I totally would right now!!

      Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | March 30, 2012, 9:43 am
      • I was in a vacuum too until you know, the incident with Alex’s accent. lol But good to know that somewhere in the universe, he was getting proper credit. 🙂

        In my living room, I don’t remember him being funny but I don’t remember him being wooden. EVER. I thought something was off with the char but never with the acting. The char stuff leveled itself out, now I realize it was his char’s arc and meant to be that way. In the same vein, I thought something was off with Danny because I didn’t think he was that funny either, mostly just annoying. His char has had a great arc too and I’m most thankful for it. Because if these 2 characters hadn’t grown, if Danny hadn’t chilled, I don’t know if I’d still be watching this wonderfully flawed show.

        It is funny that Steve loved his little buddy from the word go, isn’t it? I am now thinking…when has Steve ever been MAD with Danny? Frustrated yes, but mad?

        Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | March 30, 2012, 10:45 am
    • ACA that Steve is funny in this ep! The elevator scene killed me. “pacaloco” and the gesture were hilarious.
      I did giggle a lot while watching. 🙂

      Posted by heymomo | March 31, 2012, 9:02 pm
  7. I think that watching season 1 now after all of season 2 clearly shows a funnier McG. He had the “goofy” face often and was showing a lighter side of McG. I´m appreciating Danny´s funny lines more, but still his over the top angry yelling was off putting last year. Thankfully this season he´s more mellow and doesn´t make me want to mute the TV 😉 Maybe season 3 will bring the lighter McG and mellow D finally at the same time, let the fun times get on!
    I still don´t like the procedurals of show, it´s all the rest that makes me come back (and the slightest chance to get a glimpse of nekkid McG flesh!)
    ps those pants pics look grrrreat, must have blacked out cause can´t remember ever seeing them. ACA with Ess godblessthetancargos…

    Posted by paula | March 30, 2012, 1:26 pm
  8. This totally reminded me of the craptastic memory that I have and how many deets of Season 1 that I have completely forgotten. Except for McG in uniform. That is pretty much seared into my memory banks 4eva. I’m going to be alzheimered like a ,mofo, but I’ll be babbling on about that man in uniform. Will the FUCUPs come visit me in the crazy home?

    And I appreciate that “dimples” is tagged. I know that you refer to Kono’s dimples, but, as you know, I have only one dimple that taunts me.

    I’d forgotten about Toast! See memory comment above.

    That top photo, btw, is hypnotizing me. Not sure what it’s telling me to do, but it can’t be good.

    Love the review, S to the J!! A wonderful respite from an otherwise hectic day.

    Posted by spurschick | March 30, 2012, 2:10 pm
  9. I never realized how drawn out the crime of the week (CoTW) set up is and I love that you actually timed the H50 and NCISLA opening scenes. I’ve felt that the plot sometimes feels very rushed at the end. Its 10:45, they have no idea who the baddie is and within 10 minutes the CoTW is all wrapped up with a little bow. Time spent on the intro might be better spent on the meat of the story for better balance (says the at home critic with no writing experience).

    I would imagine the early episodes of a series are about defining the main characters and their relationships to each other which is why the ending scene is so epic. It’s also why I can forgive the criminals in this episode for being totally cliché. It’s billed as a procedural but I’ve never felt H50 is a straight up procedural. It is those Ohana moments that Show can be so good at and have kept me coming back despite a sometimes ‘meh’ CoTW story.

    From the first episode I’ve liked GP as Kono. It was Kick A$$ Kono from this episode that I missed so dearly in S2 when we barely saw her on screen. Truthfully I missed a lot of the Ohana vibe earlier in S2 also.

    TOAST! I totally forgot about him.

    SJ…Great job exploring the good and the not so good of Show! It was fun to read and now I feel like I need to get out the DVD and have a rewatch.

    Posted by JDD | March 30, 2012, 3:53 pm
    • Additionally, the H50 credits are a full 30+ seconds long — which is long, for intro credits these days (NCIS:LA’s are closer to 20 seconds long *and their main cast is bigger*). I wouldn’t change the classic music & visuals of the H50 credits of course — but #justsayin.

      I’m with you on the “ohana” vibe missing. We had that scene at the end of 2.1 at H50 HQ with the beers & such after McG got out of prison – but Danny wasn’t part of it as he was busy Not Moping About Rachel while watching the Gov/Wo Fat/Poppa McG tapes. So it was good but not quite right. And then Kono was gone & the rest … well, you know the rest. 🙂

      And yeah, get out those DVDs! I will do my best to keep the S1 fun coming fast & furious.

      Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | March 30, 2012, 9:20 pm
      • I think you may see more ohana moments in S2 upon rewatch, when (if) you can get the bad taste of Lori being around out of your mouth. There is the moment at the locker room in the MMA epi and the scene where Gabby & Gracie are on the beach & they’re all sitting around getting drunk. There’s also a bit at the charity event when they’re teasing Chin a bit about not doing anything for Malia for V Day.

        Posted by Princess Buttercup (ESS) @H50BAMF | April 1, 2012, 8:33 am
  10. OMG Thanks Steph J for reviewing 1:02. I need to rewatch. Tomorrow.

    Posted by Mary Jane | March 31, 2012, 6:02 pm
  11. Just did my own rewatch of S1.02 and I agree with so much of what you lovely ladies have to say.

    First and most important – the tan cargos. Wicked wedgie in your screen caps, but I didn’t really notice it in the ep. Perhaps I was looking elsewhere… hard to believe, I know. I tend to watch him walk… I like it when he walks… sorry, where was I going with this? Oh YES, the tan cargos. Wardrobe was still working out the kinks. Hadn’t found the perfect fitting cargos yet. This pair would have been all bunchy in the wrong places had they been outfitted with a thigh holster. Hey, it’s only episode 2, Wardrobe still had some shopping to do.

    The best episodes have the most forgettable plots.
    Yes, this is so true. I couldn’t remember for the life of me what this ep was about. Oddly, as soon as the Evil Girlfriend came on scene, I thought, oh right, THIS story. Because that actress seems to always play a Soviet/Baltic/Russian spy pretending to be American.

    I’m in love with Kono as of this episode. Liked her a LOT in the pilot. Love her now. Two episodes is all it takes if you introduce a character right (cough*Lori*cough). Bonus ass kicking adds to the love.

    Toast. Oh Toast. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about Toast. Bad Momo! I need to start incorporating his catch phrases into everyday conversation. “unicorn style” is THE BEST. Hey Show, #BringBackToast

    Malasadas. Napkins. The Great Tie Debate. “It’s the Navy, Danny, THE NAVY”
    Danny not knocking. Neat-freak McG wiping up Danny’s donut mess.
    Love. Love for Show. Love for Bromance.

    I always worry during carguments that the driver isn’t watching the road enough. Steve was BARELY paying attention to where he was going at one point while he was perfecting his sideways glance.

    I had a lump in my throat the first time I saw the end scene with them all in their uniforms. For Truthsies. So Hot. So Emotional. So Ohana.

    You really make me re-think these episodes. Especially the ones I haven’t seen as often. And, this is a great excuse for a rewatch.

    Posted by heymomo | March 31, 2012, 8:58 pm
  12. “Because that actress seems to always play a Soviet/Baltic/Russian spy pretending to be American. ”
    Someone needs to mention to the people whos shows she’s been on that the Cold War is over……

    I love the “it’s the Navy, Danny.. THE NAVY!” Scene. I also want to eat malasadas. So day goes like this, run up Koko Crater…go eat malasadas. Sound fair?

    Posted by Infant_Sardonic | April 1, 2012, 2:10 am
    • I´m fully counting on You Grace to check out all the delicasies of HI and telling us the verdict on the beans in shaved ice, malasadas, puka dog and loco moco. You might have to run up the hills a couple of times but do it for the malasadas and us. I´ll be living through Your vacation 🙂

      Posted by paula | April 1, 2012, 5:17 am
      • Ok I can already tell you the view on beans in shave ice will be Sheila’s opinion because mine is ewww. Mmmm puka dog. Hmm Sheila loves a good food diary. I shall steal her pics of what we eat. 🙂

        Posted by Infant_Sardonic | April 2, 2012, 1:39 am
  13. Great review Steph J and love the opportunIty to rewatch and discuss.
    I actually thought this ep was an 8/10 or so. I’ve seen worse Crimes of the Week. I think it was to carry on the fatherhood theme. When Steve and Danny were talking to the kid I could see Danny thinking about Grace and Steve thinking about himself as the lad had also lost his Mum.
    I really liked the fight between Kono and the woman – it’s unusual to see this sort of as$ kicking between women. I also really like the fact that Kono and the woman’s hair dried naturally after the dip in the pool.
    Obviously loved the tie convo, Danny coming in without knocking, love the roof scene and Steve going the wrong way – may have been a planned ad lib. I probably didn’t follow the plot closely enough to get your criticism of what Steve and Chin knew.
    I liked the cargument and Danny ranting too.
    Loved Toast as well.
    Sweet ending. Yeah, I didn’t find much not to like.

    Posted by Mary Jane | April 2, 2012, 11:31 am


  1. Pingback: Wits sharp, Heart open, Gun loaded (The NCIS:LA Primer) « Junk Kicker's #H50 Junk Drawer - April 23, 2012

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