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I Just Found Out (There’s No Such Thing As Vampires)

Moonlight tells the story of Mick St. John, a 90-year old vampire living in modern-day Los Angeles and working as a private investigator. In “No Such Thing as Vampires,” we learn Mick isn’t a typical vampire. By his own definition, he has “rules and boundaries” which other vampires do not share. He states he does … Continue reading

The Nalowale Review (Tell of Days in Goodness Spent)

So, sorry. This kind of got out of hand… didn’t realize I had so much to say about this episode. Not to mention, so many pictures to share! In “Nalowale” (Forgotten/Missing) H50 continues to betray its “cop procedural” label, introducing us to new characters, further exploring others, and giving opportunity for the Core Four to … Continue reading

Are You Ready for Some Moonlight? (All my rowdy friends are here on Monday night)

Heads up everyone! Starting May 28th, the Junk Drawer will be hosting Moonlight Mondays, a weekly forum to chronologically discuss the 16 episodes of the 2007-08 CBS television series, “Moonlight,” starring Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles & Jason Dohring. The format (subject to change if necessary) will be one post per episode per week. The episode … Continue reading

What Is That Shape? (A Picture Book Birthday Card for Ess)

Happy Birthday to my Ess! I wrote you a children’s picture book! I hope you like it and that everyone gets a little laugh out of this ridiculousness & dare I say it… perhaps see the world a little differently afterwards..? So — Without further ado — may I present… I want to thank all … Continue reading

The Adventures of Stick!Mick St. John (Español para los vampiros)

Look who came for a visit tonight! I know, I was kind of surprised, too, he’s been pretty quiet lately. Perhaps all the diet coke with lime & coconut rum I’ve been drinking all night had something to do with it. Although it’s no longer Cinco de Mayo where you live, it still is for … Continue reading

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