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Spread it over Centuries (Out of the Past)

My revenge has just begun! I spread it over centuries and time is on my side.”
     – Bram Stoker, Chapter 23, Dracula

“Out of the Past” begins with Mick and Josef watching Buzzwire coverage of a convicted murderer, Lee Jay Spalding, being paroled from prison after 25 years. The man was in prison for the murder of a woman who, back in 1983, had hired Mick to protect her – and he had failed to do so.

“Have you seen this? They’re letting him out!”

At the time, Mick was prepared to take revenge for the woman’s murder and caught up with Lee Jay on an empty street. Mick revealed himself to be a vampire and beat Lee Jay severely. However, before Mick could kill Lee Jay as he planned, the police appeared. Mick was forced to retreat, leaving Lee Jay alive.

“Wow. You really did mess up.”

While in prison, Lee Jay made friends with a reporter named Julia Stephens who wrote a book asserting his innocence. Her book contains a picture of Mick St. John taken in the 1950s, and alleges that Mick contaminated evidence in order to frame Lee Jay. This of course is not true. In fact, much of the incriminating information Mick had gathered during his private investigations was inadmissable in court.

“This can’t be the same guy…”

Julia and Beth meet to discuss Lee Jay’s “human interest” story for a Buzzwire piece. During their conversation, Julia shows Beth the picture of Mick in her book and she’s shocked by the resemblance. When Beth confronts Mick with the picture, he lies and says it is a picture of his father.

Beth shows Mick the picture from 1950.

At the party celebrating the release of Julia’s book about Lee Jay, he and Mick have a confrontation in the men’s room which ends poorly for Mick. Beth again confronts Mick, this time about the incident in the restroom. He maintains he is innocent but she is clearly skeptical. Mick practically begs her to trust him that Lee Jay is dangerous.

Mick asks Beth to believe him.

Lee Jay continues to play mind games with Mick, making him desperate. Mick eventually turns to Beth and her boyfriend, Assistant District Attorney Josh Lindsay, for help. Lee Jay continues to up the ante, throwing Julia, Mick, Beth and Josh into a tailspin which resolves with unexpected results and revelations.

Injured, Mick struggles to sit up.

So — what do you think? “Out of the Past” is, in my mind, an incredibly crucial episode in this series, advancing the overall plot arc as quickly as it does. While many series would have spent multiple episodes or even seasons keeping secrets or extending mysteries, Moonlight appeared to be the type of show that would present a question, answer it quickly & then move on to the next mystery or question — all very satisfactiorially for the audience who wasn’t ever left hanging or confused by too many plot lines. Just another thing to regret/rage about Moonlight being cancelled before its time!

Today’s Special: The JK Nine! Nine Moments from this episode that I liked! Enjoy!

1. Josef is the true original, everyone else is a pale imitation!

          Mick & Josef are watching Beth interview Julia online.

         Josef: Is that your friend? The blonde? I’d like to meet her someday. (He licks blood off his hand in a lascivious manner.)
         Mick: (slightly panicked, open-mouthed glare at Josef)
         Josef: What? Just sayin!

2. Mick turning the vampire “glamour” on Lee Jay back in ’83. Very Beast. Makes me wonder why Lee Jay & his buddies are so confident about “goin’ huntin’.” I’m sorry, but the more I learn about vampires, the less I want to try and take one out. Just sayin!!.

3. Josh! such a great & caring boyfriend who plays a crucial role in the episode. A good guy from Day One. Love him hard.

4. Mick’s picture from 1950. Just in case you were forgetting that no matter how smexy or emo he is, he is also: Your Grandfather.

5. Mick: Mizz Maaaanners doesn’t cover that? LOL. Mick may be Josef’s straight man, but Beth is definitely Mick’s.

6. & 7. Why would you just sit on the stairs & play with your lighter? So emo! But who cares — it means a flashback & we get more 1980s Mick! Love the blue/grey camera filter on these ’80s flashbacks.

8. & 9. When Mick bites Lee Jay, it’s obviusly painful & distressing. When Mick bites “Red” she seems to be enjoying it. Aside from being beaten with a crowbar beforehand, what’s the difference? Just intent? Not being big into the genre past a few early seasons of “Buffy” back in the day, Vampire stuff is seriously mysterious to me!


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167 thoughts on “Spread it over Centuries (Out of the Past)

  1. My random thoughts on episode numero deux:

    – Speaking of random, could they have picked a more random and completely in the way place for Beth and Author Chick to do an interview? Show makes sure we know how many people work in that office, so why do an interview in a high-traffic area with lots of noise?

    – Mick is watching said interview live. How did he know what time the interview would be, much less know about it at all? Is Buzzwire on 24/7 at Casa St. John?

    – Holy holy… look at that full Mooney butt!!! I can’t imagine that butt in cargo pants and double thigh holsters. I want to eat that Mooney butt! Not like crazy face-eating guy in Miami… more like a nibbling of sorts. I need a moment. Excuse me.

    – Okay, I’m back.

    – Josef!!

    – Oh God. 80’s Mick clothes, hair, odd mustache thing – I wouldn’t have looked twice at this guy. Not even the chin dimple can save this.

    – Curls on the back of the neck. Add this to the nibbling list.

    – Who where’s an overcoat indoors? Mick St. John, apparently.

    – We need to work on a “What’s on Mick’s bookshelf” list. 50 Shades of Grey? A**smashing 101? Definitely no Twilight.

    – Mick has a similar light wall sculpture thingy to all of the the other light wall sculpture thingies in Buzzwire.

    – And there’s a dead tree in Mick’s apartment.

    – How did a blind man find a case file?

    – Blue collared shirt! Thank all that is holy! And how freakin’ good did he look in that ENTIRE book signing party scene. Some very good pause the DVD moments. And that look towards Beth across the room… Fckn. Life. Ruiner.

    – What’s with all the kids wanting to read this book?! Bored with Harry Potter?

    – Contacts = bad.

    – Capt. Obvious didn’t notice the woman’s beaten face when she walked into his office?

    – 80’s party!! Mick with a full fang-on and NOOOOO contacts. See, Show, was that so difficult? And Hungry Like The Wolf? Seriously? I half expected cheese to come out of that woman when Mick bit her.

    – And speaking of biting, I know there are freshies around, but what is their lifespan? Do you really trust them to keep the secret for long? They don’t “glamour” in Moonlight world, so it would seem that too many freshies is a liability.

    – Mick sucks at hiding things.

    – Josef can also fill a pair of jeans.

    – Mick didn’t flinch much when Josh answered the door.

    – Mick’s interview on Buzzwire was in Chin Dimple HD. It looked extra deep. You’re welcome.

    – Bad green screen, Show. Very bad.

    – The difference between me and Beth, among other things, is that I would have run over to Mick after I shot LeeJay. She just stood there all horrified and sh/t. I know she’s traumatized… blah, blah, blah. Just sayin’.

    – I have three words for you Mick. Close. The. Door.

    – How did his hair get wet? Amicrazy? Vamps don’t sweat and his hair looks wet.

    – Fckn Beth. She knew something was up, but she went all judgmental on him. So he has ugly contacts and is drinking blood. He’s also saved your life.

    Line of the ep:
    “Wanna navigate?” – Mick

    Sniff count: 1
    If I had known it was only going to be one, I would’ve taken a much bigger gulp of wine.

    Posted by spurschick | June 4, 2012, 7:05 am
  2. “While many series would have spent multiple episodes or even seasons keeping secrets or extending mysteries, Moonlight appeared to be the type of show that would present a question, answer it quickly & then move on to the next mystery or question — all very satisfactiorially for the audience who wasn’t ever left hanging or confused by too many plot lines.” – here is an interesting tidbit directly from Alex re: his thoughts on Episode 2

    RE: Your 9 moments:
    #4 my grandfather…NOooooooooo!!!!
    #5 Beth is Mick’s ‘straight man’ – so happy to see Mick (ok, Alex) get to be funny sometimes…
    #8-9 I would assume that as with most ‘physical’ acts, it can be done in a way that’s pleasurable or not so pleasurable. 😉 Like you said, ‘intent’. **scrolling back up to look at #9…**

    Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 4, 2012, 8:54 am
  3. This ep is where I fell in love with Mick St. John. Full out, head over heels, stupid in love with Mick. Still haven’t recovered. Don’t want to. EVER. This ep is also where I realized I’d watch Alex O’Loughlin sit in a chair and pick his nose for an hour and I’d watch him do it.

    Cheesy? Definitely – “Hungry Like the Wolf” was such an obvious choice for that 80’s scene, and given the music choices over 16 eps, they could have done better. Holes in the plot big enough to drive a truck through? Most certainly. Do I still love it? Oh good God in Heaven, YES.

    Josef? Drinks blood, is ruthless about killing bad guys that Mick should have killed 25 years ago, and has a very cool ride. What’s not to love?

    Still was begging Show to stop showing Mick driving, because it looked So. Fake.

    That last scene? Ten words and a whole lotta angst and I checked my heart and soul at the door.

    To give Beth her due…the guy cowering on the floor with blood all over his face just told her he was a vampire and she DIDN’T run screaming for the cops. Kudos to you, blonde Buzzwire reporter…kudos.

    Posted by PNWgal (@PNWgal) | June 4, 2012, 9:09 am
    • “That last scene? ..” And what about the twitching? I don’t know what vampires look like when they’re suffering in pain and in serious need of a blood meal, but the twitching has got to be there. Alex NAILED that scene.

      Posted by AnnieOakley | June 4, 2012, 10:31 am
      • The twitching, the body language, the voice inflection. It was the hat trick of emotions and Alex killed it dead! Last week it was debated about whether or not we would have been in love with show 5 yrs ago when it aired. (for us newbies, that is…) I believe that this final scene would have sucker punched me in the gut the same way then as it did now. I think for this scene right here, I would have bought in lock, stock and barrel.

        Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 4, 2012, 10:46 am
        • ^^^ THIS. Every single word. That scene is where Alex SOLD me on Mick. I think my jaw dislocated, it dropped so far when I watched that the first time. Annie’s right – Alex NAILED that scene. I was kinda melty over 80’s Mick (what can I say? I’m a child of the 80’s), but Mick had me at “Please leave!”.

          Posted by PNWgal (@PNWgal) | June 4, 2012, 11:00 am
          • yeah, even on the re-watches, something about the way he says “please don’t look at me” my throat gets all tight and my eyes get blurry….

            Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | June 4, 2012, 11:18 am
            • Watching this “please don’t look at me” this time around, made the hug at the end of Epi 1 so much more for me, over again.
              As a Vampire in every other scene, Mick is self-assured, confident and the big cheese….but here he feels like the monster that he don’t want Beth to see!!……and Alex did a brilliant job to portray both final scenes (Epi 1 & 2) with such great effect!!

              Posted by FOYeur | June 4, 2012, 12:03 pm
              • “Mick is self-assured, confident and the big cheese….but here he feels like the monster that he don’t want Beth to see!!” – **lip tremble** this just made me totes emo!!

                Moonlight emo is good emo. #justsayin

                Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 4, 2012, 5:06 pm
                • but then he says “I’m a VAM-pire” and part of me thinks of Westy, and laughs. 😆

                  But yeah, the scene is goooooood emo. Good emo. Because it makes you laugh & cry all at once!

                  Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | June 4, 2012, 5:40 pm
                  • My heart breaks for Mick when he says “please don’t look at me”. But then he says “I’m a vampire” and honestly, I giggle, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t want me to giggle then. It just doesn’t work for me and takes me out of the moment of what is an otherwise great scene. Props to ML for not dragging out the whole “will she find out or won’t she find out” story all season. I think it ended up being a much more interesting show by getting that out of the way in episode 2.

                    Oh, and 1950’s Mick is my least favorite incarnation of Mick.
                    1. 2007 Moonlight Meat Mick
                    2. 1940’s I Love A Man In Uniform Mick
                    3. 1980’s Hungry Like The Wolf Mick
                    4. 1950’s Oh God He Looks Like My Grandfather Mick

                    Posted by JDD | June 4, 2012, 8:20 pm
                  • I still have no problem with him saying “I’m a vampire”. I mean if you didn’t think they were real, wouldn’t you ask the Q?? She asks, he answers.

                    Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 5, 2012, 7:47 am
                    • There are times I see that scene as… “I have crazy eyes, fangs and blood dripping from my mouth. I’m a VAM-pire, stupid!”

                      Posted by spurschick | June 6, 2012, 12:31 pm
                • How could your heart not just BREAK for the poor man?
                  His secret exposed…….to the one person he most wants to hide it from?
                  Damn you Alex, my eyes are watery just thinking about how well you played that scene.
                  F U PEOPLE THAT SAY AOL CAN’T ACT!!

                  Posted by LaHagela (The Tinkler) | June 5, 2012, 8:48 am
                  • ACA to infinity – F them and the horse they rode in on.

                    Posted by AnnieOakley | June 5, 2012, 10:26 am
                  • “Damn you Alex, my eyes are watery just thinking about how well you played that scene.
                    F U PEOPLE THAT SAY AOL CAN’T ACT!!”

                    **Profound statement alert**

                    Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 6, 2012, 6:54 am
                    • I can make a profound statement on occassion…..I have the capability…

                      Missing disc 1 alert – got a phone call from my father yesterday to please check on my mother when I got home as she wasn’t feeling well. So I go downstairs see whats going on she’s laying in bed watching “The Decendents”…..which isn’t on cable yet……so I look on top of her TV and there is a stack of dvd’s. ALL MY MISSING DVD’S THAT I THOUGHT THE CAT HAD PUSHED BEHIND THE TV. Turns out when I was gone for 24 hours over the weekend my father wanted to play with Sam but Sam wasn’t coming down and thru the kitty door. So my father went outside to my door, let himself in to go thru and unlock the door that seperates the upstairs from the downstairs (me from THEM). While there he saw a stack of DVD’s and TOOK THEM.

                      Posted by LaHagela (The Tinkler) | June 6, 2012, 7:27 am
                    • Justine!! Your parents are fired!!! We should make Alex a little trophy with “F U PEOPLE THAT SAY AOL CAN’T ACT!!” on the little plaque part & send it to him. I’m sure he’d keep it.

                      Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | June 6, 2012, 9:01 am
                  • I made notes on this episode and my final note was.

                    “Please don’t look at me.” Heartbreaking. Emo Infant…anyone else?

                    I see I am not the only one! Alex rocked this scene. I have seen this ep more times then I can remember and I am still as emotional as I was the first time I watched it. I know it’s coming but I am still drawn in and sit there glued to the screen. Man has skills.

                    Posted by Infant_Sardonic | June 20, 2012, 6:07 am
            • Oh. Yes. I just wanna hug him and make everything allll better…

              Posted by PNWgal (@PNWgal) | June 4, 2012, 12:05 pm
      • I’m totally ACA-ing with everyone here. I was sold on this series at the end of this episode. Full Stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. I was stuck in Moonlight Jail.

        Posted by heymomo | June 5, 2012, 6:27 pm
    • “That last scene? Ten words and a whole lotta angst and I checked my heart and soul at the door.” – ACA

      Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 4, 2012, 10:40 am
    • Cheesy? Definitely – “Hungry Like the Wolf” was such an obvious choice for that 80′s scene, and given the music choices over 16 eps, they could have done better. Holes in the plot big enough to drive a truck through? Most certainly. Do I still love it? Oh good God in Heaven, YES.


      Also Momo’s, when she shows up! 😉 This show intentional campiness is so endearing to me, I know it’s not for everyone, but if this show had tried to take itself too seriously, it wouldn’t have worked for me. Because it’s all about balancing the loveable parts of it all with the fact that 2 eps in, we’ve seen Mick kill like five, six people? Even though they’re (mostly) bad guys, it’s still pretty dark.

      Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | June 4, 2012, 10:54 am
      • Amen, Steph. 😉 Five years ago, I would have argued at any criticism at “the best show EVER!!!”, but now I can watch and still love it…but see the gaping holes and the overall campiness.

        Posted by PNWgal (@PNWgal) | June 4, 2012, 11:08 am
      • Here I am!! 🙂
        Oh the CHEESE!! How much do I love the velveeta goodness of it? SO MUCH!
        I love every second of the 80’s scene. The clothes, the red lighting, the decor, Josef’s ridiculous robe, the music (really, who doesn’t like Duran Duran) I love the campy cheese. LOVE!!!
        And, for the record, I volunteer as 80’s decadence freshie. #justsayin’

        Posted by heymomo | June 5, 2012, 6:32 pm
  4. “And speaking of biting, I know there are freshies around, but what is their lifespan? ” – don’t know – don’t care. Mick can chomp my neck (or any other body part of his choosing) til I’m weak from anemia. Then give me a cookie and some juice and do it again.

    Posted by AnnieOakley | June 4, 2012, 9:09 am
  5. “We need to work on a “What’s on Mick’s bookshelf” list. 50 Shades of Grey? A**smashing 101? Definitely no Twilight.”

    ^^THIS^^ ACA!! I’m thinking Dickens, with a healthy dose of Mickie Spillane noir cop fiction.

    Posted by AnnieOakley | June 4, 2012, 9:11 am
  6. I just stumbled across this site. I watched Moonlight from day one and it’s nice to know there are Alex fans turning to the show that have never seen it before. This was one of my favorite episodes–well, I have 16 favorite episodes, but that’s beside the point.

    In case anyone is interested, I did a little Mick St. John homage on my blog. http://lorrainepearl.blogspot.com/2012/03/vilf-vampire-id-like-to.html

    Since we’re in between seasons of Five-0, I think I need to spend the summer watching my Moonlight DVDs for the third or fourth time.

    Posted by Lorraine Pearl | June 4, 2012, 12:23 pm
  7. – For the people that are doing a sunglass watch…..I am sure you saw that he never wears sunglasses in this episode.
    – I don’t like party Mick…to me he looks cheap and tacky and gives me the creeps.
    – On the other hand, “Pacing Mick”, in Beth’s apartment…..waiting for Lee Jay’s move, is absolutely goreous and s/xy (I think we can debate it later on, when we have seen more episodes, but I do think this is him at his best!! – I want to take that Mick/Alex home and do crazy things to him…..sigh)
    – This episode also say a lot about Mick’s character….not taking the easy way out, of just killing or running away, but protecting the innocent (The chance to erase a regret & I’m not going anywhere – two profound sentences)

    Posted by FOYeur | June 4, 2012, 12:30 pm
    • “This episode also say a lot about Mick’s character….not taking the easy way out, of just killing or running away, but protecting the innocent (The chance to erase a regret & I’m not going anywhere – two profound sentences)” – definitely profound! Great catch!

      Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 4, 2012, 5:14 pm
  8. All I can say is, Mick Bite Me Please. Love that Mick is a champion of women who are being threatened, a vampire with a heart and feeling.

    Posted by Wanda | June 4, 2012, 12:39 pm
  9. Am I the only one who is having trouble doing one episode at a time? Last week I watched Ep. 1 in preparation for Steph’s recap, and before I knew it I had watched the whole 1st disc. I can’t seem to turn it off! I think it was Stephanie who once characterized Moonlight as “sushi mixed with crack”. It definitely has that effect on me!

    So my rewatch process has evolved into: 1) reading comments 2) watching episode to more fully appreciate all the things you intelligent and funny FUCUPs bring to my attention! Thanks much for enhancing my watching pleasure. In the unlikely event I find something that I feel has been overlooked, I’ll be back to comment! Have a great week, everyone.

    Posted by Karin@notMcNerd | June 4, 2012, 1:11 pm
  10. Sorry if this repeats. I tried to post this morning but had technical difficulties…
    1. Mick – “never underestimate the stupidity of humans”.Josef, “I believe you used to be one…”HEH
    2. Why does Josef always look like he’s sweating??
    3. MMM that look Mick gives Josef when he says he’d like to meet his friend Beth.
    4. Mick – “she’s involved with him” is that what they used to say in the 50’s? Now they say, “she’s fking him”….or “sexting” him. Whichever she can do while he was in prison.
    5. Dear Josh, I like you.But when I see your chest hair, it’s just not the same as when I see Mick’s. Not the same.
    6. that look on Mick’s face when Beth pulls out her friend’s book. He’s like, “oh shit…there’s nowhere to run..”
    7. “I inherited some strong genes”….I’ll say!!
    8. Interesting exchange between Mick & Beth about her reporter friend and Mick’s “dad”.Beth was truly confused by Mick’s sudden insistence & intensity.
    9. I can’t believe someone said, “are we pitching a tent??” and it wasn’t to Mick!! Boo….
    10. When Mick was leaving Bobbie, his old partner. adf;aldfj;adlkj the look on his face. In that brief moment I felt Mick’s sadness. He had pulled away from a good friend because he knew he’d age and eventually die. One more loved one Mick has to say goodbye to.
    11. chick “I tried to contact him for my book” Mick “he passed away”. LeeJay “sorry to hear that”………..a.w.k.w.a.r.d.
    12. Lee Jay -“you look them in the eye and say ‘I’m better than you, I’m stronger than you and I’m going to win.”Mick responds with the eyebrow… Mick 1 LeeJay 0
    13. LeeJay you are one crazy mother fkr!!I should give you a screencap of him sticking his head through the bathroom mirror, but I did this one instead. Mick 2 LeeJay 0
    14. Why am I so mad at beth for being mad at Mick and not trusting him? I totes am! So you don’t know him that well but he saved your life!
    15. When he tells Eileen “don’t give him the chance to use (the gun) on you” and then “I’m gonna take care of this”..aadl;fja;sldfj;dfljk Fking. Life. Ruiner.I hate your face. #noidont
    16. I still laugh at Mick biting LeeJay…..on the cheek? WTF?? Were you just learning to kill? Shouldn’t he aim for the jugular or something??
    17.LeeJay is very hung up on Mick killing people which of course is like turning the knife in Mick’s heart because he carries this remorse around for the killing he’s done. When LeeJay says, “How do you live like this?”POOR MICK!! You know he wants to scream, “I hate it! It’s NOT living at all!!” FU LeeJay.
    18. When LeeJay shot himself Mick’s like, “YOU CRAZY MOTHER FKR!!” I know, Mick. I know. I screamed it too. Again.
    19. When Josef & Mick are going at it on the top of the parking garage and Josef says, “its not that you’re worried about what some blonde reporter will think..” and Mick goes, “fffff….” and then changes it. I’m pretty sure he was going to say, “FU CBS”. And I was going to sing chorus.
    20. Oh finally Beth believes Mick…. **rolls eyes**
    21. Why when the TV is talking about Mick turning himself in are they using the 1950’s pic of Mick?
    22. Beth is a BAMF
    23. I wonder how many takes the ending took? How much of that gunk did Alex have to drink? Ugh.
    24. Beth says to Mick, “Are you ok?”I just revoked her BAMF title.
    25. Last week we debated a bit on whether we would have fallen for show back in 2007.If I’d made it to the final scene of this episode, I am convinced I would have fallen hard.That ending is a hat trick that kicks me in the heart, gut and panties.Alex, you are so brilliant. From the body language, to the voice inflection to that face. So brilliant. FU Haters.

    Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 4, 2012, 4:38 pm
    • 5. Josh has chest hair? This may be the wrong question to ask but… why? how did you notice that?

      10. That first pic of Mick, the two peacocks coming out of his head are totally distracting me. I blame Lahagela!! The second pic made me 😥 OH MICK YOU TRAGIC CREATURE.

      15. That screencap almost made it into my top 9. I should have bumped one of the others. It’s such a good “concerned face.”

      25. Great acting, great eyelashes.

      Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | June 4, 2012, 4:51 pm
      • 5. The scene with Josh and Beth in bed, she cuddles up against his chest. It waved at me. I flirted for a hot second and then flipped it off. I’m a one man’s chest hair woman!! (did that even make sense??)
        10. I hate you for pointing out that peacock and ruining my moment. (no not really…but kinda). OH MICK YOU TRAGIC CREATURE!! I want to hug him the way he hugs everyone else. #truth

        Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 4, 2012, 5:20 pm
        • “I’m a one man’s chest hair woman!!”
          This needs to be on a tshirt.

          Posted by spurschick | June 4, 2012, 5:51 pm
        • I TOLD YOU I BLAME JUSTINE, it’s not my fault! Also, Justine can’t be with us today, because her cat ate her Moonlight disk. Or something like that.

          Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | June 4, 2012, 6:02 pm
          • What peacockl? There was a peacock? How do you notice a peacock with Mick on your screen?
            You koala’s………peacock peacock peacock.
            And Sam didn’t eat it…..he knocked it behind the entertainment center/TV…..so I have to wait for NetFlix to send me another. But I should have it this week…..I watched half of this ep Friday night. twas the last time I saw disc 1…….

            Discussed with Steph last night that Mick wasn’t a v smart vamp when he went to kill that wacko in the 80’s.
            He should have dragged him into an alley or doorway instead of doing it right out in the open on top of a car with street lamps illuminating his face eating. So instead of just killering him, he decides to feast alfresco…..which not only leaves the wacko alive, but with a rather strange wound (how the F did Lee J explain that to the police?). And it’s not like Mick could snap his neck because there was no time to call in the cleaners (who I am sure in the early 80’s looked like extra’s from Pat Benatars Love is a Battlefield video)…….bad vamp….you really did mess that kill up…..

            Posted by LaHagela (The Tinkler) | June 5, 2012, 9:04 am
            • Cats hate vampires!!! PROVEN!!

              Also sorry, I swear I never would have noticed the wall paper if the birds weren’t coming right out of his head. Peacock peacock peacock.

              And yeah I think Mick calls himself “young and stupid” or arrogant or something like that when remembering the whole Lee Jay incident. I didn’t get why Josef was giving Mick the business about not killing a guy at first, but now I totally get it!

              Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | June 5, 2012, 9:32 am
            • Exactly! He bites him on the face?? WHAT TF?? Ok, he’s been a vamp for what about 50 yrs? the 80’s was 30 yrs ago (oh geez…) so lets say he’d been a vamp for a good 10-15 yrs…way long enough to make a smart kill. Poor Mick. Bad decisions, bad decisions.

              Extras from Pat Benatar’s love is a battlefield video!! <<So in love with this! "WE ARE YOUNG!"

              Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 5, 2012, 11:28 am
              • I think Mick must have been in a really bad mental place. This thing with Lee Jay really pissed him off. I think his pride was offended that this guy managed to kill this woman that Mick arrogantly assumed he could protect (and then did a crap job of it, apparently) PLUS the guy makes it look like a suicide, so the cops aren’t even looking for an unidentified murderer. Mick’s plan for LJ probably involved a fair amount of pain & suffering / cruel & unusual punishment / torture before death…!

                Posted by stephaniejane2 (The Junk Kicker) | June 5, 2012, 6:49 pm
            • He should have dragged him into an alley or doorway…
              This is exactly what I thought this time around. Cop shows up, so grab the dude by the lapels and take him into the back alley with you Mick, what’s the problem? You’re strong enough, fast enough to get away… this episode has a flawed premise from the get-go!!
              Then I remembered that I was watching a cheese-filled show about vampires in L.A. and told myself to chill. 😉

              Posted by heymomo | June 5, 2012, 6:48 pm
      • Peacocks? Whaaa?
        OMG, I never noticed them and now that is all I will see from now on. Except I’ll see Tink’s peacocks instead. Curses!!

        Posted by heymomo | June 5, 2012, 6:42 pm
  11. Somethings that irritates me and I forget to mention every time:
    Who answers a phone and immediately start talking, not giving the caller time to speak first?…..Beth – Aparently Miss Manners doesn’t cover that either.
    I know a lot of you already mentioned it and I am no Vampire expert at all, but I really think the white vamp contacts used in ML are by far the worst vamp eyes I have ever seen, anywhere in any vampire story!! Every time I see them, it feels like somebody is poking me with something in my eyes…..ouch

    Posted by FOYeur | June 5, 2012, 12:41 pm
    • I think the site is more about being AOL or Mick experts than vamps experts….but I agree on the contacts. Don’t like ’em. I like Josh and we can discuss him more later, I understand he makes great chicken. Hahahaha

      Posted by cvc | June 5, 2012, 4:52 pm
  12.  He inherited some strong jeans ….  

    Ok, when Beth first sees  Mick at the book signing party – he was eyes.xing her, we just didn’t have a word for it back then !

    Party in the 80’s – legs splayed. It’s all I remember. 

    In Beth’s apartment after the call  ‘OK’  count = 2

    Beth is so bad.ss  – Her first shot, was to his jugular.  :eyeroll:

     Beth admits to shooting and just w a l k s away from the crime scene ~ so not right, but fantastic.

    Later, in his apartment …  Best 5 minutes of this entire show.
    Head and body spasms, his shoulders are up above his ears…  hahaha.
    Scruff, eyes and fangs …   how could you be afraid of that ?

    ok, not too many notes,   like I said, for me, last 5 minutes of the show, were the best.
    Josef was mostly serious in this one.

    Posted by lb | June 5, 2012, 3:07 pm
  13. I see she does have lingering issues with fire. And, as I’m watching the scene with the blow torch, I can hear you Ess – saying if anything should be blown it would not be his hair. Poor guy is flinching from a blow torch and I’m giggling. H00kers are in my head…

    Posted by cvc | June 5, 2012, 6:20 pm
    • “as I’m watching the scene with the blow torch, I can hear you Ess – saying if anything should be blown it would not be his hair” – LMAO!!! I’ll save you Mick! I’ll save you!! **puts the fire down**

      Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 6, 2012, 7:12 am
  14. Random late thoughts…
    -fresh blood in champagne glasses. The glassware selection in this show is impressive.
    -when Beth comes over to give Mick the scotch, and Mick is wearing a ridiculous long coat indoors… he pushes back each side of the coat to put his hands in his pockets. So Hot.
    -Mick eyes*xing Beth at the book launch. LB is right, this is exactly what he’s doing. Then again, Beth looked hot in that dress, so I can’t really blame him.
    -LeeJay’s speech at the book launch. Worst. Speech. Ever.
    -nice Ferrari Josef.
    -Mick at Beth’s apartment. Love the moobie shirt. #thatisall
    -just because the driving is on green screen doesn’t mean you can drive without looking where you’re going Mick.
    -roundhouse kick FTW!
    -“please don’t look at me” Knocked it Out. Of. The. Park.

    Posted by heymomo | June 5, 2012, 6:56 pm
  15. It is so sad that I haven’t re-watched the DVDs for well over a year and I can still picture everything you guys are describing. Wish I had time to catch up with everyone this week, but won’t happen until the weekend–since I’m late to this Moonlight party.

    I just remember thinking when it first aired that I couldn’t believe they had Beth finding out things so early on. I was glad, though, and intrigued at where they would go from there.

    Posted by Lorraine Pearl | June 6, 2012, 8:32 am
  16. Hey kids, please note I’ll come back and finish reading and post my thoughts tomorrow. 🙂 Slowly, slowly catching up. Ess, I will get to 2.10 by weeks end…if week end can include Saturday… 😉

    Posted by Infant_Sardonic | June 20, 2012, 6:17 am
  17. Does anyone even remember this episode now?? 😛

    Ok my notes were:

    1. Josef: “Let the guilt go!” Mick!? Never!

    2. Did Mick just come from auditions for an ABBA cover band? It’s the only thing that could explain the long hair and white outfit.

    3. Steve (yeah I wrote Steve) ekkk Mick! is glad he is a vampire so he could live for another 60 years and play World Of Warcraft? MickGeek

    4. Lee Jay “Catch you later, Mick”
    Mick: “Yeah, you will.” LOVE IT. Our vamp is not gonna back down from a fight.

    5. Suit yummy-ness.

    6. Ugh Mick’s face when he notices the bruise on Eileens face. I love him, love how upset he is by it, how he says he will take care of it (shhh it doesn’t matter that he messes it up). The guilt he feels for not protecting her. Ugh. I am sorry, I’m sending the feminist movement backwards 50 years but I love when a man gets protective of a woman.

    7. Heh Duran Duran. My Aunty loves them and her and her Duranie friends make us look like totes normal sane individuals. 😛

    Posted by Infant_Sardonic | June 22, 2012, 3:21 am
  18. Sorry I am coming back to this episode again, but this ending has been bugging me for weeks now (well actually since the 1st viewing). Not what was said and how well Alex did with it, because in my eyes it was perfect, but the first scene in Episode 8 made me think of it again. (Apart from silver buckshot, we can just leave bullets in……..)

    Things that don’t make sense to me with this final scene.
    1) Where did he get the blood and why wait to get home before drinking it?
    2) What happened to the silver bullets inside him? They would be effecting him all the time and he would struggle healing
    3) Did Beth just run out of there, just to come back a few days later to get a explanation?

    Okay hindsight is 20/20vision and every other saying that goes with it…….
    I am no script writer and the location would have been difficult to work with/in, but here goes my last scene:

    After Lee Jay was shot, Beth helps Mick outside and to the car.
    Beth: You have been shot we need to get you to a hospital.
    Mick: Get in, drive me to the hospital, and get me to Guillermo.
    Beth: You’re not dead yet, you need to go to the ER.
    Mick: Just drive and get me to the back door of the morgue.
    Mick phones Guillermo, telling him his been shot with silver buckshot and will need x-ray equipment to remove it and lots of A+
    (Mick showing signs of turning Vamp, looking as if he’s going to faint any minute. Beth tries to keep him awake by talking)
    Same dialogues as in the original. …..why am I dreaming of you, etc.
    As Beth helps him out of the car, he is shaking and fully turned vamp as in the original
    Beth: What are you?
    Mick: (Shaking and twitching like he did in original) I am a Vampire.
    Guillermo opens the door and let Mick in, Mick giving Beth a look of, we’ll talk later.
    Door closes behind them and we see Beth with a bewildered look on her face.

    (To me this scenario would have explained everything so much better…..just saying)

    Posted by FOYeur | July 16, 2012, 11:22 pm
    • Yeah the buckshot is problematic…. I guess maybe let’s say it’s silver-coated buckshot so once his body absorbed the poison, all that was left for him to do was recover from it. After that, the no-longer-silver-buckshot was like the bullets we see in ep 8, they can be removed at any time. To answer your #1 – I think the blood he got from that table top box in the living room. Which, the only reason that bugs me is that he keeps the blood in his fridge, which we’ve seen a million times. So why keep a pint in a fancy box on your entry way table? Is that like not putting away your groceries & still drinking the milk that smells a little off? But yeah, unless they were going to begin ep 3 right were ep 2 leaves off there’s no reason to have the scene in Mick’s apartment – it could have been set anywhere, like you propose above.

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | July 23, 2012, 3:52 pm
      • I guess maybe let’s say it’s silver-coated buckshot so once his body absorbed the poison,

        I watched it again…LeeJay specifically says he special ordered the silver buckshot….so if it was only silver coated, he was done in on the deal… 😆
        And he (Mick) definitely had the blood with him in his hands when he arrived back home.

        BTW. One of the books LeeJay read in prison was on the Bloodlines of the Vampires – One of the subjects I really would have liked to seen more off in the series……

        Posted by FOYeur | July 24, 2012, 1:19 pm
  19. I think the blood he got from that table top box in the living room.
    But he brought the blood with him, as far as I know it is in his hands when he arrives,because he took everything (blood) with him when he fled after LeeJay shot himself so that the police won’t find it…..

    Posted by FOYeur | July 23, 2012, 4:18 pm


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