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Living Just to Breathe (Arrested Development)

On the one year anniversary of Beth & Josh’s dating relationship, Beth is assigned a story of an call girl murdered under mysterious circumstances. Similarly, Mick takes a case from two parents searching for their missing daughter, who works as an escort-for-hire.

Mick & Beth discuss their investigations.

Although he has attempted to avoid Beth since their incident in the Victorville Motel bathroom, Mick runs into Beth at the doctor’s office (where Beth was getting her bite wound examined) and at the morgue (each investigating their own mystery).

Beth keeps an eye out while Mick breaks into the murderer’s apartment.

Mick realizes the criminal they are searching for is a vampire and Beth recommends working together since the cases are obviously linked. With the technical assistance of Josef and one of his associates, a hacker named Ryder, they track down the vampire’s apartment where clues lead them to a restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier.

Mick searches for his opponent in the lights of the carnival.

Mick and Beth save the missing girl just in time, but the vampire escapes in the crowd on the pier. However, after dark, he and Mick meet in a vicious battle atop the roller-coaster track…

…Finally, the rescued girl is reunited with her happy parents, and afterwards, Mick and Beth share a tender moment.

So – this episode! Very sentimental for me, because during my first watch, I just couldn’t get over how pretty Sophia Myles is, and tweeting about it got her to tweet me back! So while this ep probably isn’t one of the very best Moonlight has to offer, it’ll always be special to me for that reason.

Many important things to discuss here — why Mick didn’t consider how his brushing Beth off after she saved him would make her feel, the whole Beth/Josh dynamic, Mick thinking of Coraline as the one person he truly loved, and the propriety of Beth kissing a man vampire who’s not her boyfriend twice. Plus the whole, you know, is fate a real thing? conversation. Not to mention the horror being stuck as an awkward 16 year old forever. Some interesting and very deep stuff.

So finally – in yet another format – the JK Nine! Some moments of this episode that I really loved! I look forward to our discussion of “Arrested Development” everyone! And remember, there’s always money in the banana stand!

Mick considers the fate of the missing girl
Such a amazing cinematography! (and eyelashes!)

Beth is about to run out on the coq in a reduction sauce.

Josef: A lot has changed in 400 years
Grandpa Mick: Yeah, there’s no regular cathouses anymore.

Josef meets Beth. Yeah it doesn’t look like he wants to take a bite outta her at all.

Mick giggles as Beth does her best call girl voice at Josef’s place. Adorable!

Beth reacts to being called a dumb wh0re-bag by one of the suspect Johns.

Because no discussion of this episode is complete without a mention of “the eyebrow.”

When asked if he ever truly loved anyone, Mick thinks…
about Coraline.

A goodbye kiss?


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80 thoughts on “Living Just to Breathe (Arrested Development)

  1. I’m first! Yay!
    Randoms to start:

    – Thank you for the flashback Beth. That was hot.
    – Getting married? NOOOOO! Heh, nice one Beth.
    – There are some great things in this episode, and yet it is my least favourite. Why? Because I hate this kid!
    – Coq is not pronounced cock! (tee hee!)
    – Josef!! “how’s that going since… happy hour?” LOL!!
    – Mick isn’t looking to hook up…
    – the way Mick and Josef talk about “cathouses”, I guess they’ve been patrons?
    – is this the first mention of “willing freshies”? And on an unrelated note, where’s the freshie wannabe lineup?
    – Mick can smell that Beth is there in the morgue! #SoRomantic
    – “There were rumours of an odd M.O.”
    “A biter?”
    – “Jazzmyne… 2 z’s and a y” I find this hilarious!
    – the sunlight in the hall of the kid’s apartment bouncing off Beth’s and Mick’s hair!
    – Mick’s raised eyebrow!! Someone screencap it!
    – Mick gets all hot and bothered by the sex talk with Beth.
    – there’s some good sniffing in this episode.
    – so vamps bite each other when they’re fighting?

    Posted by heymomo | June 25, 2012, 5:40 am
  2. Mick’s comment re how often teenage boys think about s/x. I asked my friend Mark about this, he’s gay so we talk about these things and there is no awkwardness. He told me that as an adult, well duh guys still think about s/x, when is the time he thinks about it the most? In meetings. I spent the next week being creeped out whenever I had to go to a meeting and he doesn’t even work with me, it was just the idea that the men in the room could be thinking the same thing.

    Posted by Infant_Sardonic | June 25, 2012, 6:19 am
  3. a) The idea of a teenager being turned and trapped in one of the most confusing phases of your life was for me, a bit of stolen idea from Interview With a Vampire when you have Claudia, who is turned by Louis as a young child.

    b) Mick and his coat would surely make him stand out in LA.

    c) “Mick thinking of Coraline as the one person he truly loved,” That was pretty interesting and I appreciated show for doing that. It gave Mick a bit more depth as he is still obviously conflicted and has unresolved feelings in relation to Coraline.

    d) “I’ll love you forever” Ya sure ya betcha Mick. 🙂 ❤

    e) I personally, do not believe in fate. There is no fate but what we make.

    f) Loved the ending, especially that grin at the end. 🙂

    Also, Momo what in the heck time did you get up/stay up until, to review this episode???

    Posted by Infant_Sardonic | June 25, 2012, 6:31 am
    • OMG the grin at the end! *dies*
      Infant! I watched and made my notes last night, so that I would be ready this morning when Steph posted 🙂
      I’m making up for my tardiness on the last couple of posts!

      Posted by heymomo | June 25, 2012, 7:46 am
    • To Grace:
      c. RE: mick thinking of Coraline and it giving his char more depth. Totally agree! It made it not all about his relationship with Beth. Beth had Josh and Mick had Coraline so getting those 2 together was a pretty interesting and rewarding storyline, actually. I mean, as opposed to what is usually out there.

      “d) “I’ll love you forever” Ya sure ya betcha Mick.” – well actually he kinda does. He hated what she did to him, but he loved Coraline right to the end…of the series.

      e) i also don’t believe in fate. It’s what we do with the millions of opportunities and random circumstances that determine our future.

      Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 26, 2012, 6:39 am
      • e) I also agree. I think it was kind of melodramatic of Beth (a reporter who constantly investigates dark crimes) to find running into Mick (a PI who is also a vampire) at a HOSPITAL and a MORGUE like Some Big Sign From Fate. But I think I cut her a little slack because she was such a brave little toaster at the end of “Fever” saving Mick’s life when she really didn’t know what the cost to herself would be — and then he starts avoiding her. Like, that could really mess with your mind. So her forcing him to face up to it was good — and probably wouldn’t have been necessary if he hadn’t avoided her in the first place.

        Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | June 26, 2012, 9:11 am
      • oh I didn’t mean d as a sarcastic point. I meant it in an, I’m emo, bitter and jaded and I kind of want someone to say that to me but for now I’ll just be cynical and awww over Mick when he says things like that.

        Posted by Infant_Sardonic | June 27, 2012, 6:31 am
  4. Firstly, that top left pic in your Nine is possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It’s just beautiful. It’s just SO beautiful. I could just look at it all day. He looks FERAL. Rowwrrrrrr.


    1. “One year, that’s really something! – is Mick (the immortal) being a little bit sarcastic here?

    2. Did they want the audience to think that the killer was Mick at the beginning? Didn’t work.

    3. Nate Mooney in the credits! (imdb tells me he was Rider.)

    4. “Romantic in the abstract” I love Josef.

    5. I love Josh too.

    6. But I don’t think he should have said it was OK for her to go. Although, being the Assistant DA, maybe he’s storing up points for all the important occasions he’s going to miss over his career, so that when she complains, he can always say ‘yeah well, you missed OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY. I STILL WIN!”

    7. Beth! Stop teasing Mick by repeatedly saying ‘s.xual’! He’s a delicate flower, he can’t take it.

    8. Hey, I remembered right, Mick’s hair is baaaad in this episode.

    9. Beth! Stop teasing Mick by saying “whatever you want” in that come-hither voice! He’s a delicate flower etc. etc.

    10. Wow, Josef looks like he thinks Mick ordered dinner delivered. Did I mention that I love Josef?

    11. Top-notch voiceovers in this ep. I’ve said this before, but I wish they’d made it more noir.

    12. Yeah, sure that’s what the freezer’s for. Have you actually LOOKED in the freezer?

    13. Beth! Stop teasing Mick by asking him about human/vampire s.xing in the car! He’s etc. etc.

    14. Although, he WAS just talking about how often teenage boys think about s.x. So, you go for it, babe.

    15. Mick, you’re standing on a rollercoaster track and there’s another vampire trying to kill you. This is not the time or place to be reminiscing.

    16. I don’t remember the biting from the last time! There should definitely have been more biting.

    17. The final scene. Asdkdjskladjksaldjksl. But I did smile when Beth said “You just took off.” Beth honey, why the note of surprise?

    I really liked this episode. I think what made it was the peripheral characters – I liked Cherish (I welled up a bit at the reunion scene) and they even managed to make me feel sorry for the vamp. It was a good story. Also, not that it really matters, but was it established whether he was the San Francisco killer? I’m assuming he was, but I didn’t notice if it was actually specified.

    This was quite a pivotal episode for Mick and Beth’s relationship, wasn’t it? Beth trying to establish that their relationship had moved on a bit during the conversation in the morgue, Josh realising he might have something to be jealous of, the kisses at the end. Is this because of the feeding? Is it a vamp thing that it strengthens an existing emotional bond, or is it that a psychological thing on Beth’s part?

    Posted by Alicia | June 25, 2012, 7:08 am
    • 1) Never thought of it as sarcasm — but it fits. Although his tone wasn’t sarcastic so wonder if Beth actually got it. Score one for Mick. And you — good catch.

      6) I always wondered, too, at how he let her leave with so little fuss. Storing up points for the future? Maybe.

      Posted by karin@notmcnerd | June 25, 2012, 9:28 am
    • 2) Yes, I think with the puffy hair out back the baseball cap they were trying to make us think for a second it was Mick, to which, PLEASE. 🙄

      12) right, when they found a pillow & blankie instead of any body parts…. useless coppers!

      16) I was annoyed by the 16 year old vampire’s face throughout the entire episode UNTIL he vamped out, where I thought he was very effective & creepy.

      re: your last question I’m guessing it’s a little of both vamp thing/Beth’s emotional thing. I mean we’ve commented previously that the freshies often look like they’re s.xing when their feeding their vamp friend, so it’s… like that? a s.xytimes bond — with Mick’s feelings of Beth going back 20+ years and Beth not yet consciously realizing that Mick rescued her when she was younger (but it’s there in her dreams).

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | June 25, 2012, 10:45 am
    • Alicia – you are in my head! “Have you actually looked in the freezer?” such a good response and yes to this one

      ” 10. Wow, Josef looks like he thinks Mick ordered dinner delivered.” That expression on Josef – I can totally believe he is thinking “let me get a piece of that!” but in a different way than men usually think it.

      So easy to be on Josh’s side – because we probably all believed it was Mick calling her, and her running off to see him, and what Beth and Mick have going together. Josh is so right to be defensive and concerned. He has no idea what is really going on and he still can feel the chemistry.

      And hey, he did cook her a chicken after all. Love – love the pics above – that faaace!

      Posted by cvc | June 25, 2012, 10:49 am
    • To Alicia:
      6. I think it was a bit passive/aggressive for Josh to tell Beth to go. Then when she asked him he gets all upset like he wanted her to ask him to give him the excuse to say how he really felt. **not that I have any experience with that. #justsayin

      I don’t think they established whether it was the SF killer or not but I bet he was. Vamps are supposed to move around every now and then to make up for their lack of aging. Was it Mick or Josef that said that? Anyway….LA would have been a far enough/but close enough jump from SF. Totally plausible.

      Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 26, 2012, 6:53 am
    • 11 – I LOVED the voiceovers in this epi – it felt like Mick was whispering in my ear.
      12. – freezer. Yup, those were some dumb @ss cops. Profiling the guy as 35-45 years old, when there’s all that zit cream in the bathroom.

      But what about that sweater Josh is wearing at the dinner party – so tight, what was up with that?!?! Looks like he put it in the clothesdryer.

      Posted by AnnieOakley | June 26, 2012, 1:20 pm

    Posted by NANA | June 25, 2012, 8:56 am
  6. Thanks for the great recap & pix, Steph. First of 9 picture — sometimes looking at his beautiful face actually hurts!

    I watched this epi last week when I was in “can’t turn it off” mode. But it all came back to me while reading the comments. I think the final scene was one of the best of the whole series. I love it so much!

    Posted by karin@notmcnerd | June 25, 2012, 9:19 am
  7. Arrested Development…outside of Click, this is my least favorite episode. But it had some GREAT moments, and Mick was all kinds of gorgeous in it.

    Honestly? Moonlight could have been nothing but Mick and Josef interactions and I would have loved it – there was never a bad scene when Alex and Jason were together.

    Beth and Josh arguing. Josh is jealous, Beth is defensive, but here I was agreeing with Josh. She ran out on her anniversary dinner, for crying in the night – and she may not have been meeting up with Mick, but he showed up there anyway.

    Mick and Beth at the morgue. How cute is Mick when he’s denying he’s been avoiding Beth? But she’s got his number and calls him out very nicely, but he comes right back with the “aren’t you supposed to be having dinner with your awesome b/f?” bit. Alicia made an excellent point re: this being a pivotal point in the Mick/Beth dynamic – Mick’s forced to admit that there’s something between them.

    At the teen vamp’s apartment? Mick – 2, FBI morons – nada.

    LOVED the fight in the amusement park. The music set off the darkness and the two vampire dressed in black fighting each other perfectly. I love Mick best when he’s at his most vampire-awesomeness, and this scene just set that off to a tee.

    And another AWESOME ending. I got a kick out of Mick walking his fingers under his car to get his keys and he’s just so damn cute when Beth kisses him. He’s not a 85-year old man trapped in a 30-year old’s body – he’s like a little kid getting his first kiss. And his face says it all – he’s got it BAD.

    Posted by PNWgal (@PNWgal) | June 25, 2012, 9:38 am
    • To PNWGal:
      “Moonlight could have been nothing but Mick and Josef interactions and I would have loved it – there was never a bad scene when Alex and Jason were together.” – ACA!! I’ll prob get in trouble for this, but I much prefer this bromance over the H50 bromance. Even when they’re arguing it never feels angry. Like their disagreements still have a level of respect to them.

      “At the teen vamp’s apartment? Mick – 2, FBI morons – nada.” – this scene has always cracked me up! Mick having both agents on the ground under his knees when the lights come on (I want to be an FBI agent) and then her going, “do you know how close you came to getting shot” and mick thinking, “Do you know how close you came to getting your face ripped off?” Because I totally thought the exact same thing the first time I saw it! Chick, you have NO IDEA how lucky you were! lol. Mick’s amused face as she does her ‘human’ yelling thing. So. Much. Love. for this scene!!

      “He’s not a 85-year old man trapped in a 30-year old’s body – he’s like a little kid getting his first kiss. And his face says it all – he’s got it BAD.”- Bought it hook, line and sinker! Nothing but love.

      Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 26, 2012, 7:00 am
      • “I’ll prob get in trouble for this, but I much prefer this bromance over the H50 bromance.”
        *gasps* really? Well I’m not going to tell you off, I know how you feel about the H50 bromance. But it’s ok, I love it enough for the both of us. 😉

        Posted by Infant_Sardonic | June 27, 2012, 6:35 am
      • ESS, I get what you’re saying about the bromance between Mick & Josef. While I love the H50 banter, it can often border on childish. The Mick-Josef interactions always seem more sophisticated somehow, more dignified.

        Posted by karin@notmcnerd | June 27, 2012, 9:12 am
        • Thanks! I love the bromance on H50 but it’s often a bit childish, like you said. Often tinged with anger/frustration at each other. That just makes me sad and twists my gut up. But anyway…YES! The Mick-Josef banter is more sophisticated. Even when they disagree and seeeerious sh/t is going down, there is always a palpable feel of respect and honor between them. That is so appealing. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

          **let me say that the times H50 touches on this kind of banter/bromance it's spectacular. Epi 2.1 – the car scene. Total, undying love for it.

          Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 27, 2012, 9:30 am
        • Karin, & ESS, I think that is what you get after 50 yrs of friendship….you sorted out the bullsh*t by then. It would have been so out of character for these to “older” men to go on like McG & Danno.
          So true about the 2:01 scene and then also the one in 2:23, showed that they are getting there.

          Posted by FOYeur | June 27, 2012, 9:46 am
    • – “Mick’s forced to admit that there’s something between them.”
      I think Mick knew it (some special bonding) would happen and that’s why he said “not like this” before the rescue/feeding.
      – “LOVED the fight in the amusement park.”
      I also think the setting and the music made it better that just another vamp fight. And it was also fitting because of the “age” of the other vamp….he was still a boy in an amusement park.
      – he’s got it BAD.
      Yes, you would think a 85yr old man has seen/experienced it all……just shows you, doesn’t matter our age or experiences, love can still hit us hard!

      Posted by FOYeur | June 27, 2012, 10:30 am
      • “Yes, you would think a 85yr old man has seen/experienced it all……just shows you, doesn’t matter our age or experiences, love can still hit us hard”

        This is SUCH an interesting comment, FOYeur…. I remember thinking when Mick was reminiscing about Coraline that there might be a touch of ‘out with the old’ about it, as if he always would have thought of her before, but perhaps in the future it might be Beth. That’s quite a big step for him, really because his (romantic) development was arrested the moment he was turned as well (this is reminding me of the double-meaning H50 titles as well, which I like). He never got over what happened on his wedding day, how it turned out so different to how he expected, and he’s been Miss Havisham-ing about the place ever since.

        Posted by Alicia | June 27, 2012, 10:49 am
        • *siiiiigh* Darn you Alicia, that’s all I needed ANOTHER literary reference for this show that no one will care about but me and ALLLLLLLLLLLL MYYYYYYY MOONEYYYYYYYYY FEEEEEEEEEEELINGSSSSSSS…..

          ps- SO glad Mick still isn’t wearing his ’50s-era tux all the time! 😆

          Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | June 27, 2012, 11:31 am
          • Or his 50s Hawaiian shirt, although possibly not for the same reason. Actually, no, the reason is still ‘ewwwwww’. But it’s not ‘ewwwwww’ for the same reason. Okaaaay, moving on….

            It’s an interesting thought though – when you’re immortal, how long is ‘too long’ when it comes to getting over someone? It doesn’t really matter that Mick’s spent fifty years pining for the woman he thought he married, because he’s going to live forever, and not end up old and bitter and still wearing a flammable wedding dress (I saw a TV adaptation as a child, and that scene SCARRED ME FOR LIFE). He hasn’t really wasted his life by being unable to move on, the way she did.

            Also, sorry. But also YAY that you get my random literary references!

            Posted by Alicia | June 27, 2012, 12:41 pm
  8. This episode could be my least favorite. There were some great moments but seeing that 16 year old vampire creeped me out big time. Everytime he was on the screen I cringed. I hope for the sake of the actor that played him the acne was just a really bad make up job.

    This episode could’ve been 2 scenes for me. Seeing Josef eye Beth up when she showed up to make the phone calls and seeing her and Micks reaction when the suspect John called her a wh0re…classic. Loved ALL of that. And what the show does so well is those ending scenes. OMG…the kiss and the voice over leading up to it and Mick’s grin as they fade to black. I could watch that part over and over and over again. OK, I have watched it over and over and over again. I’m guessing I’m not the only one. 😉

    Posted by JDD | June 25, 2012, 3:40 pm
    • I watched a TV show this weekend that used voice overs and they really took me out of the show. Even Not McG was like, “Is he going to do that the whole time??” It made me appreciate even more how they used the voice overs here to compliment the show. They really, really helped the show on so many levels IMO. It fit the genre, it fit the character and Alex’s voice just can’t be beat. 😉

      Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 26, 2012, 7:05 am
      • “Alex’s voice just can’t be beat.’
        Yes, yes another well established fact is that we’d all listen to him read from the phone book. 🙂

        Posted by Infant_Sardonic | June 27, 2012, 6:36 am
    • – “but seeing that 16 year old vampire creeped me out big time”
      I think they kind off hit the mark then….they wanted us to see where he was trapped – another teenager without a acnee problem might not have given us what they wanted us to get….
      – “I’m guessing I’m not the only one”
      Too many time to care to admit!!

      Posted by FOYeur | June 27, 2012, 10:57 am
  9. My random thoughts on epi high five:
    – Ugh. Bad hair. Really bad hair.
    – The look after Beth says “blood test” – priceless! And my first thought wasn’t marriage… It was pregnancy.
    – What is that crazy white mannequin death head on the kid’s desk? His place is totally sparce, but he decorates with that?! He and Mick have weird taste in art.
    – When the kid goes to kill h00ker #1, he’s dressed like Mick was at the bus stop in Fever.
    – Mick is sitting in bright sunlight in his office. WTF Level 3.
    – It’s Josef! I heart Josef! And he’s also sitting in bright sunlight. WTF Level 4. These windows don’t look the slightest bit tinted.
    – Cathouses? I thought that cathouses were before Mick’s time. Unless you count The Bunny Ranch in Vegas.
    – As a DA, I wonder how many times Josh cancelled on Beth to work on some important case.
    – Why does Beth want Mick to admit that there’s something between them? This is where Beth really started to piss me off.
    – “Don’t you have some dinner to get to?” See my point above.
    – Creepy Josef! Normally very suave, he turned into creepy guy around Beth.
    – Vamp blood clearly doesn’t cure acne. Does it cure cellulite?
    – While the female cop was yelling at him, Mick had the “I could kill you with a thought” face.
    – What does this kid do for a living that he has that much cash?! Mick clearly spends his money on books and bad art.
    – Per the s/x convo in the car, “it never ends well.” Define “well.”
    – Coraline!
    – Argh. That kiss still pisses me off. Josh has done nothing but be a good bfriend and she’s kissing another guy. Yeah, yeah… she and Mick basically shared a very intimate experience through the blood drinking, but that’s no excuse. If Josh were some a-hole who put work before her and treated her badly, I could understand. If you want to after Mick, break up with Josh first.

    Sniff count: Two. Lame.

    Line of the ep: “…the reality of fang on flesh.”

    Posted by spurschick | June 25, 2012, 6:33 pm
    • If vamp blood cures cellulite, sign me up 😉

      I love the kiss!! And now I feel bad. Because I like Josh, I really do, and you are absolutely right, he’s done nothing wrong, he’s been a good boyfriend, and yet from the get-go I was hooked on Mick and Beth. Hook, line and sinker. I have Mick and Beth tunnel vision, that won’t be interrupted until episode 11.

      Posted by heymomo | June 25, 2012, 7:33 pm
    • I want to throw something in here on behalf of Beth and also for our own “souls” of cause!
      Apparently “freshies” are hypnotised in some sort of way, when a vamp feed on them. They kind of come under there spell so to speak.

      – “Line of the ep: “…the reality of fang on flesh.””
      Another line that came close and might have won in my eye, if maybe Josef said it.
      “These pro’s really do love their high-rises”

      Posted by FOYeur | June 27, 2012, 11:18 am
  10. Alex’s comments on Arrested Development

    Posted by ESS @H50BAMF | June 26, 2012, 6:17 pm
    • I agree with Alex. Heh, that sounds weird. Anywho, yes I think Mick should have cared more about the kid. We went from going well imagine being a 16 year old for eternity to, oh well now you die. It did just fill like a filler episode to me, which is sad since we only have 16 of them.

      Posted by Infant_Sardonic | June 27, 2012, 6:40 am
      • I also agree to a certain extent… I think the plot point of killing the “teen” vampire further drove the point home about how there’s little room for error in the vampire world and a very high standard of conduct — yes, they kill people but they have to go about it in a certain way — once you step outside those boundaries there’s one penalty — death. But yes Mick’s compassion, normally always *there* even in the worst of circumstances, just wasn’t at all this time.

        And then yes… the writers were like — we want Mick & Beth to kiss! So let’s have them do it for no real good reason. It’s a great moment, but kind of non-sensical (as Spursy stated so well below). It *shouldn’t* have happened. What’s that unnatural sweetner, saccharine? It’s Mick & Beth’s “Sweet & Low” moment. 😆

        Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | June 27, 2012, 9:51 am
        • I think that even though Josh is a good guy and easy to root for, (and a cutie in his own right) it seems inevitable that Beth will be with Mick so the kiss seems natural for the show. I wasn’t thinking of Josh at that point either. In so much as we all know we are going down the road anyway, might as well get to it. As compared to the 3r’s ep when dr. Andy and dr. Lisa stripped each other down. I didn’t really see that as inevitable, I didn’t realize we were on that road. I must need my own GPS to follow the road.
          Plus – if I were standing that close to Mick on a ‘moonlit’ night I’d probably do it too – thoughts of NotMick would be fleeting at that point. #TrueStory Agree, though, in real life should not be kissing the new guy while you still have the good, understanding guy waiting at home. Literally waiting.

          ‘drove the point home’ – haha that never gets on critiquing a vampire show

          Posted by cvc | June 27, 2012, 12:35 pm
    • “Drama is life with the boring bits cut out” — wow. Just wow. He’s not just a pretty face (and extraordinarily hot body), is he? I need to lie down for a minute.

      Posted by AnnieOakley | June 27, 2012, 8:31 am
    • Am I the only one that shuddered in the best way possible after reading the word “lobe?”

      Posted by spurschick | June 27, 2012, 11:29 am


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