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Take Your Last Embrace (Sleeping Beauty)

All-too-human Coraline is in the hospital (since Beth didn’t quite murder her) and Josef actually has been murdered- so Mick & Beth hit the road on a cross-country getaway. What do they find in New York City? That’s what’s in this week’s installment of Moonlight episode 10 – Sleeping Beauty…. Continue reading

Five Times The Five-0s Didn’t Know They were Dealing with Burberry McGarrett (and One Time they Did) Master Post

Masterpost for “Five Times The Five-0s Didn’t Know They were Dealing with Burberry McGarrett (and One Time they Did)” originally published back in April here at the Junk Drawer. Burberry comes to Hawaii, meets the team, causes some havoc and lives to tell the tale. Continue reading

The Shield which Rendered Her so Strong (Fleur de Lis)

The episode begins with a brutal, unexpected stabbing before we flash back to 24 hours in the past… Continue reading

Adam & The Yaks (The Musical Gangster)

So I was chatting with my friend Kimmer about last Monday’s re-airing of H50 2.14, the episode which culminates in a dramatic hilltop confrontation between McG & Joe White vs. Adam & his Yakuza gangsters. Continue reading

Now That We Know It’s Time (1204 AM)

A mass murderer named Donovan Shephard is executed and Beth takes Audrey, a young woman with whom she greatly identifies, under her wing. Continue reading

This Post Exists for No Reason (Mick’s Bug Eyes are the Reason)

So sometimes, when you’re sceencapping, stuff happens. Continue reading

Let the Proof Remain (The Ringer)

A devastating fire in a downtown Los Angeles hotel draws Mick to the scene, ready to assist in any way he can. Already there are Beth, reporting on the story, and Morgan, a crime photographer who’s new in town… Continue reading

The Day the Five-0s were Just Like Us (Oh Curses! Edition)

This potty-mouthed installment of “The Day The Five-0s Were Just Like Us” takes us first into an alternate universe, then to the all-too-real one and finally, the speculative future! Enjoy! Continue reading

The Flame of the Candle (B.C.)

While Beth is on assignment covering a fashion shoot, a young model named Renee falls ill and suddenly dies – just as Josef goes to Mick for help in tracking down Lola, an ancient vampire who has made off with a bit of Josef’s money. Continue reading

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