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These Mortal Feelings (Love Lasts Forever)


‘Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue and the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form.
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”


And if I pass this way again, you can rest assured
I’ll always do my best for her, on that I give my word
In a world of steel-eyed death, and men who are fighting to be warm.
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”


Sarcasm ~ Bewilderment ~ Fear
Concern ~ Desire ~ Satisfaction
Irritation ~ Embarrassment ~ Confidence

Not a word was spoke between us, there was little risk involved
Everything up to that point had been left unresolved
Try imagining a place where it’s always safe and warm.
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”

Uncertainty ~ Sincerity

Understanding ~ Curisoity

I was burned out from exhaustion, buried in the hail,
Poisoned in the bushes and blown out on the trail,
Hunted like a crocodile, ravaged in the corn.
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”



Suddenly I turned around and she was standing there
With silver bracelets on her wrists and flowers in her hair.
She walked up to me so gracefully and took my crown of thorns.
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”

~ Love ~
~ Torment ~


Shock ~ Denial, Encouragement ~ Hope

Agony ~ Helplessness
Desperation ~ Perseverance

Now there’s a wall between us, something there’s been lost
I took too much for granted, got my signals crossed
Just to think that it all began on a long-forgotten morn.
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”



Well, the deputy walks on hard nails and the preacher rides a mount
But nothing really matters much, it’s doom alone that counts
And the one-eyed undertaker, he blows a futile horn.
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”



I’ve heard newborn babies wailing like a mourning dove
And old men with broken teeth stranded without love.
Do I understand your question, man, is it hopeless and forlorn?
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”


In a little hilltop village, they gambled for my clothes
I bargained for salvation and they gave me a lethal dose
I offered up my innocence and got repaid with scorn.
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”



Resentment ~ Tension

Well, I’m living in a foreign country but I’m bound to cross the line
Beauty walks a razor’s edge, someday I’ll make it mine
If I could only turn back the clock to when God and her were born.
“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”
~Bob Dylan, Shelter from the Storm




About SJ2

I am good with: Details, Bad Ideas, Hilarity, Sarcasm and Overthinking! I kid because I care!


35 thoughts on “These Mortal Feelings (Love Lasts Forever)

  1. Where is everybody…….??

    Posted by FOYeur | August 6, 2012, 6:58 am
  2. My random thoughts on episode “this one goes to 11”:
    And what an episode it is!!! I think we can all agree that this is the epic turning point of the series?

    – The opening scene officially redeems Show for previously missed opportunities.

    – Mooney. MEAT!

    – Josh is sooooo not intimidating. He would wet himself in the H50 magic blue room;

    – Thank you, S to the J, for the “Sarcasm” screen grab!!! My notes say, “Pleeeeez screen grab Mick in that first scene with Beth!” And you did! Yowza! The chin dimple literally told me that it has felt neglected cuz I haven’t mentioned it in a while. I heart you, chin dimple!

    – If I had a vampire “friend” like Mick, I probably wouldn’t care if someone put an “X” through my photo.

    – Is it just me, or did Beth look very hesitant when she and Josh started kissing?

    – And even more so the morning after?

    – Josh is furry.

    – Who answers the front door in just a t-shirt?!!

    – Josh takes a major high road by asking Mick to look after Beth, especially after feeling certain that there was something going on between them. Beth’s magic vag clearly made him forget all of that.

    – I have no clue what I did for my Sweet 16. I’m pretty sure it didn’t involve a tiara.

    – McG and 5-0 would have never busted a guy in front of his daughter like that. Just sayin’.

    – Did Josh just use the word “flouted?”

    – Judge sets bail at $5 million and it ain’t no thing. Fck me.

    – I was intrigued by Beth’s AO- theory. Wish that could have been explored more. F U CBS.

    – LOL! Mick hovering over Beth while she cleans the blood off her arm and into a bowl.

    – This task squad sucks.

    – No kevlar?!

    – Kono in trunk > Josh in trunk

    – LOGAN!!!

    – How long does it take to get someone out of a trunk? McG got Mary out in a hearbeat.

    – Josh’s chest looks really weird in the trunk. Not as furry as before.

    – Let’s assume that Beth’s necklace isn’t silver.

    – I found it interesting that Beth and Mick were standing so far apart as the paramedics tried to revive Josh.

    – EMO. MICK.

    – I love when Mick embraces his violent vampire side.

    – Chest hair just said, “peekaboo.”

    – The question is, Beth, would you have wanted to be turned into a vampire if you were going to die?

    Sniff count: 1
    Supersonic vampire hearing count: 3

    Line of the ep: (this week was hard!!!)
    “At the end of the day, not a lot separates life and death. That’s what makes it precious.”

    Posted by spurschick | August 6, 2012, 8:21 am
    • EPIC TURNING POINT!! Yes. Well, it is an epic point in the series. Unfortunately, it turns us towards the home stretch of Moonlight altogether.

      Not just you, I think Beth was very unsure about being intimate with Josh. Things were kind of “iffy” between them in eps 8 and 10.

      That whole scene in the park, especially when the paramedics show up, that “Heartbreak” cap up there with Beth bent double in the BG. Oh my heart hurts.

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | August 6, 2012, 12:01 pm
      • That scene is really brutal. So. Many. FEEEEELINGS! So much relationship exploration in this episode. Beth seems unsure with Josh and looks even more uncertain the next morning, but then she’s sitting in bed and admitting that she has been distant, work-obsessed. Josh being Josh says that he likes that about her. I kind of thought that we’d get more of an awkward moment from Mick when she answers the door, but he only looks at her in the t-shirt for a quick second before he hears Josh talk about her needing police protection and then that’s where his focus goes. Beth is the one who seems the most uncomfortable with Josh and Mick conversing.

        Guess it boils down to her caring for two guys. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened in the world.

        Posted by spurschick | August 6, 2012, 12:23 pm
    • I put my comments together a couple of days ago in anticipation of this post, and see we have similar points!

      Posted by heymomo | August 6, 2012, 1:54 pm
  3. Love the Dylan, SJ! and the screencaps are spot-on, as always.

    That push-up sequence was so reminiscent of the push-ups in the prison cell at the beginning of H50 S2-1. And just like then, all I could think of was how much I wanted to be underneath, counting the push-ups for him.

    For the record, that probably wasn’t a sweet-16 party – more likely a quinceanera (15 is a big deal in latin culture).

    Why didn’t Mick use his own necklace to tie off Josh’s femoral artery? What’s up with that necklace anyway – FU CBS for never telling us why it’s so important to him.

    Asking your vampire boyfriend to turn your human boyfriend – not cool, Beth, just not cool.

    Mick standing over Josh with bloody hands — any other vampire would have licked his fingers. C’mon, you know Josef would have. Missed you in this epi, Josef!

    Posted by AnnieOakley | August 6, 2012, 11:16 am
    • YAY for loving the Dylan. That was a last minute add, after all the pictures & captions had gone in. Glad it worked for you.

      Would have been very interesting to have Josef along for the ride in this epi, he would have loved to have joined Mick in the revenge portion of the program but let’s just say he was still in New York with Sarah… and anyway, I think this was one bit of revenge that Mick would have wanted to do on his own anyway.

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | August 6, 2012, 1:36 pm
  4. Wow. This ep always leaves me raw, but you added a whole new dimension to how AWESOME LLF was with your caps. Kudos to you, babe. Kudos.

    A fellow fic writer once told me, “Mick doesn’t hate what he is. Mick hates enjoying what he is.” That is so evident in this ep, when he gives Bustos the Skeery Vampire Face at the police station and when he takes out Tejada’s bar (and Tejada himself). I. Love. Vampire. Mick., and I especially love THIS vampire Mick, because he’s REVELING in it.

    Josh’s death scene still makes me cry like my dog got run over every time I watch it. Every. Time. Mick tries so hard to save Josh, and Beth wears her guilt on her sleeve and poor Josh dies not knowing the love he thought he had belongs to Mick. I was never a Josh fan, but he deserved so much better than what he got. #sniffle

    Mick with blood on his hands. That shouldn’t be so damn hot…but it is.

    The ending. OMG. Still some of my favorite 2-3 minutes of television EVER. First time watching, I was so angry at Beth for dismissing Mick’s struggle between not wanting to level his curse on someone else and not wanting to break Beth’s heart, but in hindsight…I understand it. She was mourning the loss of a good man, and only saw Mick’s refusal to Turn Josh as a betrayal. I was sobbing before Mick got “Gonna answer that?” out of his mouth – good lord, Alex and Sophia DELIVERED in that scene.

    Posted by PNWgal (@PNWgal) | August 6, 2012, 12:25 pm
    • LLF can’t ever be my “favorite” episode, because it is Just. Too. Heartbreaking. but I really do think it is one of the most emotional episodes of television I’ve ever watched!! Because wow, what a ride, it’s all good Moonlight exciting & mysterious stuff up until Josh gets taken and then… well then it kind of goes into a class all its own.

      I think Josh, the person did deserve to live a long & happy life with a woman who truly loved him — he didn’t really do anything to deserve Beth falling out of love with him (or however you’d like to put it) it’s not his fault he’s the odd man out in this triangle. In that sense, he deserved better. Josh, the plot-obstacle between Mick & Beth however, that Josh was treated with ultimate respect, got a hero’s death in battle (he’s in Klingon heaven, that one’s for Alicia). In that sense, the character was treated with respect and he died a dignified and tragic death — makes it better when you’re SAD to see the 3rd wheel go. Much better than just having him turn into a jerky boyfriend over his jealousy of the Mick/Beth sitch. He wasn’t a jerk (he could act like one at times, but that wasn’t *who he was*) and he didn’t go out as a jerk.

      *sobs sobs sobs* OH JOSH. OH SHOW. BOTH GONE BEFORE YOUR TIME. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | August 6, 2012, 2:03 pm
      • Agreed, wholeheartedly, re: Josh. As a Mick girl, I always wanted to see him as the bad guy, but…he just wasn’t a bad guy. He was a decent, law-abiding man who tried to do the right thing. I’d rather he went out the way he did than turn into a galactic douche, but…I was sad that the only way ML could see to clear the way for Beth and Mick was to kill off Josh.

        Posted by PNWgal (@PNWgal) | August 6, 2012, 2:56 pm
      • Finally had time to watch! Not much to add, but ACA with all of this. I love this episode, but it’s probably the one that I will rewatch the least because it’s so traumatic. It was so beautifully done.

        Klingon heaven <— I like this very much! Show gave him honour and they treated him with honour. I nearly googled "Sto'Vo'Kor phrases" so I could quote some Klingon at you, before realising that it might be a geekstep too far.

        (As an aside, I did a First Aid course recently – I asked the instructor whether cauterising the vein with a car cigarette lighter would actually have worked and as soon as he managed to stop laughing, he said "no".)

        Posted by Alicia | August 13, 2012, 1:42 am
        • Klingon reference! So Mick and Beth should have howled over Josh’s body and walked away and left it, well that would have been something to see.
          I don’t blame Beth for being desperate enough to ask for Josh to be turned, but I don’t like how mad she acts at Mick when he doesn’t and I like how he stands up for his decision not to turn him.

          I think low life drug dealers and mob bosses should absolutely be busted at their daughter’s big event. They ruin so many lives that they need to have an effect brought right into their own homes, so sure, I would like to ses McG take it to one of them the same way on the island. # Hardcore

          Posted by cvc | August 17, 2012, 9:49 pm
  5. “A fellow fic writer once told me, โ€œMick doesnโ€™t hate what he is. Mick hates enjoying what he is.โ€

    Posted by LaHagela (The Tinkler) | August 6, 2012, 12:44 pm
    • I’ve never thought of it that way…but it’s so true.

      Posted by LaHagela (The Tinkler) | August 6, 2012, 12:45 pm
    • Hmm, interesting! I will have to think about that one for awhile. Mick hates *benefiting* from being a vampire, that is for certain. Like most people wouldn’t be able to go avenge the death of a friend the way he just did. But he could, easily. Not sure if that is the same as “enjoying” but I’m still thinking about it.

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | August 6, 2012, 1:49 pm
  6. btw – Mick looks insanely hot in his sarcasm headshot. Thank you.

    Posted by LaHagela (The Tinkler) | August 6, 2012, 12:46 pm
  7. Random comments:

    1. Mick working out *sigh* Chest hair *sigh*
    2. Oh dear, it’s THIS episode!ย 
    3. Josh gets beaten up. Not good. Beth gets marked. Even worse.
    4. Mick’s chin dimple is mesmerizing me right now..
    5. Mick “entertaining the idea of telling Beth how he feels” while Beth’s in bed with Josh. Oh dear.ย 
    6. I usually put pants on before I answer the door. Just me?
    7. Love how Beth keeps peeking through the doors at Mick and Josh talking ๐Ÿ™‚
    8. Blood sample – free of free radicals, very pure, that of a child. Type AO negative. WHY ALL THESE THINGS? Would we have found out if show had continued? FUCBS.
    9. Mick’s super sonic hearing FTW!
    10. Mick’s super sonic hearing NOTFTW!
    11. Mick’s face when he’s running!
    12. Who’s car is Beth driving? Did she take an unmarked cop car?ย 
    13. LOGAN!ย 
    14. Mick fighting the gang guys is made of awesome!

    …and then… oh dear.ย 

    now it gets all emotional and crazy and serious and tearful and distressing and…
    oh dear…

    15. cauterizing the artery with a cigarette lighter is ewwww! And yet resourceful.
    16. this music is perfect.

    and then the gut wrenching request… asdfghjkkllkjjhhgsffaf…
    oh DEAR!

    17. Mick in the interrogation room. El Diablo!ย 
    18. Mick in the bar where he no longer cares who sees him as a vampire. Badass!
    19. “you make me want to”… *sigh* “would you have saved me” *double sigh*

    This episode hurts my heart.ย 
    In conclusion… oh dear.ย 

    Posted by heymomo | August 6, 2012, 1:51 pm
    • 7. Before I went to the “emotion label” captions, the one of Beth’s peeking head was “One of my favorite moments of the entire series.” ๐Ÿ˜€

      16. The music — yes, I did a little looking into it & it’s a piece created for ML called “Saving Josh” (to which… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ) and the composer does a lot of work for TV including a lot of series that are very popular like Game of Thrones & some others. I clicked on a link that I thought would let me hear the whole piece & I ended up downloading the mp3 – but if anyone wants it, it’s 7+ minutes long instrumental piece that makes you want to WEEP WITHOUT CEASING but I’ll email it to you if you’re interested, just let me know.

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | August 6, 2012, 2:11 pm
    • Miiiiiind mellllllllllld. =)

      Posted by spurschick | August 7, 2012, 7:14 am
  8. Just some random things I picked up:
    Looking through Beth’s window to the outside looks different than in 12:04am
    Beth’s eyes tells the story so well in this episode
    Mick enters and leaves Beth’s place through the balcony at the end…..to scared to knock?
    Beth is Mick’s reason for living…..
    Mick hates that he did not have a choice in becomming a Vampire.
    Everybody looks so surprised that there was an attempt on Beth’s life (Beth: “This close”)…..really??
    Alex is beautiful….even with blood on his hands….

    Posted by FOYeur | August 6, 2012, 2:49 pm
    • Yes I think you’re right about Beth’s windows, maybe she has a corner apartment so two different street views from similar looking windows?

      This is a truly well acted episode by all throughout the crying/sadness never felt overdone to me or falsely acted – like you said Sophia’s eyes shine & tell the story!! and are true reflections of Beth’s emotions from start to finish. Her performance was impeccable!!

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | August 6, 2012, 6:38 pm
  9. I only recently brought the series and watched it from start to finish in 4 days (had to sleep and work 2 jobs in between). This ep got me, I was a mess after and thought about it for a few days. Lots of questions of myself too. Not only was it superbly acted, but the writer did a beautiful job.

    I now want to go back and watch it again to pick up all the little things everyone has noted here! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Screen caps and Bob Dylan’s lyrics are perfect!

    Posted by Christie Will (@ChristieWill) | August 7, 2012, 4:25 am
  10. You all did a lot better then me in terms of making notes. I was way too involved in the episode, which just goes to show how good an episode it was.

    1. Topless scenes without the tatts, I just feel jibbed (your Aussie word for the day).
    2. It’s interesting that Mick wants to keep the “cure” hidden from the vampire nation. He is spot on, a lot of vampires would not see vampirism as a disease that needed to be cured.
    3. I don’t know about you guys, but I often answer the door without pants on. I like to pretend I am Lady Gaga.
    4. “At the end of the day not a lot separates life and death. That’s what makes it so precious.” Is one of my favourite quotes from the show.

    Posted by Infant_Sardonic | August 7, 2012, 4:51 am
  11. Haven’t had a chance to rewatch but love the screencaps and the wonderful Bob Dylan’s words.

    Posted by Mary Jane | August 13, 2012, 11:43 pm
    • Thanks MJ — I think with the Olympics on the last 2 weeks (plus vacations plus other assorted RL distractions) everyone’s viewing schedules were thrown for a loop! Glad you liked Bob Dylan, I know he doesn’t work for everyone. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | August 14, 2012, 10:49 am


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