About the Junk Drawer

Aloha and welcome to the H50 Junk Drawer, a space dedicated to my fannish activities, primarily centering around Hawaii Five-0.

The purpose of this blog is to make my friends smile, laugh & be happy. I would love to count you among my list of friends! Please hit the Subscribe or Follow buttons & leave a comment. Everyone is welcome here.

1) Using some of my art/writings for anything
2) Contributing ideas or content to this blog
3) Partnering up on an H50 related project of some sort

PLEASE CONTACT ME. I am very reasonable & fun. Promise.

Items Unique to the Junk Drawer include, the Burberry McGarrett picture & story archive, a series of intentionally cracky badfics about my original male character, Burberry McGarrett, the identical twin of H50′s Steve McGarrett… and a devastatingly sexy master criminal.

…and it is supposed to be funny. If you don’t find it funny, please don’t try to take it seriously… Click on the “Burberry McGarrett” category in the left-hand column to find all the stories.

You’ll also find here the adventures of Stick!Steve McGarrett and Stick!Mick St. John, stick figure characters based on the television characters of the same name. Click on the “My Art” tag to see all the posts with my stick or hand drawn art.

Please dive in and enjoy!

five-0 cast


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