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A Simple Moonlight Serenade (Happy Birthday PNWGal)

CHEERS! Here’s a Happy Birthday to the one and only PNWgal! Love from Mick & SJ2. Continue reading

L-O-V-E (Happy Birthday Ess)

A song for a birthday (that’s not a birthday song) celebrating Ess & wishing her many happy returns of the day! (comes with a mild NSFW warning for 1 picture) Continue reading

Wish I Had a Screencap of the Lobster (Happy Valentine’s Day)

A message of affection, straight from the Junk Drawer to you! Continue reading

The Adventures of Stick!Mick St. John (Happy Birthday Westy)

You got to dance with the one that brought you
Stay with the one that wants you
The one who’s gonna love you when all of the others go home
Don’t let the green grass fool you
Don’t let the moon get to you
Dance with the one that brought you and you can’t go wrong Continue reading

Never Could Understand (The One for Team Coraline)

“You see that old woman? That will never happen to you. You will never grow old, and you will never die.”
― Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire
Continue reading

If You Can Read This (Dit Is Vir Jou)

Good feelings are meant to be shared. In today’s post: The Stick!guys spread some International Love your way. Continue reading

The Adventures of Stick!Mick St. John (Happy Birthday Paula)

What happens when Mick and Josef vacation in Finland? Read more to find out! Continue reading

Almost a Fantasy (Sonata)

Love demands everything and completely with good reason…
Forever thine, forever mine, forever us.
Beethoven’s letter to the Immortal Beloved Continue reading

Your Immortal Life (What’s Left Behind)

A young boy is kidnapped from his bedroom and Ben Talbot invites Beth to join the investigation. Meanwhile, Josef and Mick return from a late night furniture shopping expedition and catch the story on the news… Continue reading


When hot Hollywood up & comer Tierney Taylor is murdered on Mick’s watch, he launches an all-out investigation to find her killer! Continue reading

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