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Ideas You Get While Watching “The Arrow” (Happy Birthday Jana)

Stick!Steve makes the right decision, then he makes a better one. This is the conclusion of Stick!Hawaii Five-0 episode 2, “Lilo” (the one about the lost cat). Continue reading

The Satellites Aren’t Programmed for Cats (Happy Birthday Rainy)

In honor of Rainy’s birthday we have another entry in the series she helped inspire: Stick!Hawaii Five-0 which chronicles the adventures of Stick!Steve McGarrett… and his cat. In this episode, Steve’s commitment issues bring some unintended consequences… Continue reading

No Word Means “Least Favorite” but Some Terms are Neck & Neck (Happy Birthday Kimmer)

Coming down the stretch… it’s a Happy Birthday lecture & pic-collage for my favorite Kimmer and all of you, too. Continue reading

What Are Your Thoughts On Mice? (Pōpoki)

When Stick!Danno makes a disturbing discovery, Stick!Steve is left to make some difficult choices about his future… on Stick!Hawaii Five-0 Episode 1.1! Continue reading

The Adventures of Stick!Mick St. John (Happy Birthday Paula)

What happens when Mick and Josef vacation in Finland? Read more to find out! Continue reading

Moonlight Slice of Life… (cat fight?)

I wanted to call this blog entry “Meow Mix.” But then I thought, “Stephanie, don’t let the gin & fresca determine ALL the words you use tonight.” SO INSTEAD, I did this, in my ongoing pointless mind-boggling wooing of Spurschick (it is just so fun and easy to make her happy). God I hope this … Continue reading

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