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The Ho’apono Review: Keep my Soul (it was yours to have long ago)

There are lots of big words in this episode review but none bigger than this: Trust. Continue reading

The Ko’olauloa Review: The Possibilities of Defeat (Do Not Exist)

It took me a long time to figure out how I was going to do this review. As I’m writing, we’re in the hiatus between Seasons 2 & 3. In the penultimate episode of Season 2, “Ua Hopu” it is revealed that Kono has been involved in a secret romance with Adam Noshimuri… Continue reading

The Nalowale Review (Tell of Days in Goodness Spent)

So, sorry. This kind of got out of hand… didn’t realize I had so much to say about this episode. Not to mention, so many pictures to share! In “Nalowale” (Forgotten/Missing) H50 continues to betray its “cop procedural” label, introducing us to new characters, further exploring others, and giving opportunity for the Core Four to … Continue reading

The Lanakila Review: A Spoonful of Sugar (Makes the Medicine Go Down)

Lanakila is a weird episode, yo. Lanakila means “Victory” and in this episode, there are a couple little victories, sure… Dana (the victim) wins a game show, McG wins at basketball, Kamekona wins back his girlfriend… The Five-0s win in the end (though they always do) but even so I’m not sure why the episode … Continue reading

Malama Ka ‘Aina Review: The Name of the Game (Who’s Your Daddy?)

Episode 2 (called “Ohana”) ends with McG promising Kono, Danny and Chin that they are now a family and Episode 3 begins with a family outing! I don’t begrudge 1.2 the “Ohana” name because that episode showed us the start of the family. But, of course, it could be a perfectly good title for this … Continue reading

The Ohana Review: Direct to Heaven (Direct the Other Way)

So in my mind this is like, the first “real” ep of Show. If The Pilot was all about introducing the characters, this episode is all about introducing the formula, the format. Maybe it would be better to say this is the first “normal” episode of Show. This episode is a non-event, setting the average … Continue reading

The H50 Pilot Review (Why am I doing this?)

Did you really need a blog post to tell you how awesome The Pilot episode of H50 is? No. You really did not. Thanks for reading anyway. So here is what we have: We have the pilot episode of H50. There is an ongoing plot arc surrounding the John McGarrett murder & the mystery of … Continue reading

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