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L-O-V-E (Happy Birthday Ess)

A song for a birthday (that’s not a birthday song) celebrating Ess & wishing her many happy returns of the day! (comes with a mild NSFW warning for 1 picture) Continue reading

I’m Sorry, Okay? (I said I was Sorry)

It’s frickin’ Presidents Day. Continue reading

Wish I Had a Screencap of the Lobster (Happy Valentine’s Day)

A message of affection, straight from the Junk Drawer to you! Continue reading

The Ho’apono Review: Keep my Soul (it was yours to have long ago)

There are lots of big words in this episode review but none bigger than this: Trust. Continue reading

McG Dreams Just Random Things (Happy Birthday Annie Oakley)

Don’t look too close it’s just a dream! Continue reading

Bromance Collage Explosion (Happy Birthday Andrea)

I’m fairly certain this is overkill, but in for a penny, in for a pound. Happy Birthday Andrea! I hope my birthday tribute provides you inspiration and a few laughs! Continue reading

Commander? I Barely Know Her! (Happy Birthday Alicia)

Until McGarrett and the Five-0s actually co-opt a space shuttle and chase Wo Fat to his secret moon base, this will have to be the next best thing. Continue reading

If You Can Read This (Dit Is Vir Jou)

Good feelings are meant to be shared. In today’s post: The Stick!guys spread some International Love your way. Continue reading

Five Reactions to La O Na Makuahine (and Reactions to the Reactions)

Hello! and welcome to my first run impressions of H50 3.1. In short: this episode is a winner! Continue reading

Five Times The Five-0s Didn’t Know They were Dealing with Burberry McGarrett (and One Time they Did) Master Post

Masterpost for “Five Times The Five-0s Didn’t Know They were Dealing with Burberry McGarrett (and One Time they Did)” originally published back in April here at the Junk Drawer. Burberry comes to Hawaii, meets the team, causes some havoc and lives to tell the tale. Continue reading

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