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Malama Ka ‘Aina Review: The Name of the Game (Who’s Your Daddy?)

Episode 2 (called “Ohana”) ends with McG promising Kono, Danny and Chin that they are now a family and Episode 3 begins with a family outing! I don’t begrudge 1.2 the “Ohana” name because that episode showed us the start of the family. But, of course, it could be a perfectly good title for this … Continue reading

The Ohana Review: Direct to Heaven (Direct the Other Way)

So in my mind this is like, the first “real” ep of Show. If The Pilot was all about introducing the characters, this episode is all about introducing the formula, the format. Maybe it would be better to say this is the first “normal” episode of Show. This episode is a non-event, setting the average … Continue reading

The H50 Pilot Review (Why am I doing this?)

Did you really need a blog post to tell you how awesome The Pilot episode of H50 is? No. You really did not. Thanks for reading anyway. So here is what we have: We have the pilot episode of H50. There is an ongoing plot arc surrounding the John McGarrett murder & the mystery of … Continue reading

H50 Episode Reviews (This Title Will Change)

I’m gonna do REVIEWS (not recaps!) of H50 episodes! Based on how much of each episode caters to the things that I like! Criteria: The Bromance-o-meter Time spent solely with victims/criminals/non-team members (the less time the better) Important things we learned about the characters (their past or their personalities) How good was the action (guns/explosions/fist … Continue reading

C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)

Screencap courtesy of Rocsfan As I posted on her journal: I propose, it’s actually 3 different items that kind of look like a train in their shadowy arrangement. From left: what looks like the conductor’s box of the train is really sort of old timey naval hardware like a brass bell or navigational instrument. The … Continue reading

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