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You Watched “The Back Up Plan” All the Way Through (Are you OK?)

A man, a plan, a cheese stand: STAAAAAAAAAN. Continue reading

Wish I Had a Screencap of the Lobster (Happy Valentine’s Day)

A message of affection, straight from the Junk Drawer to you! Continue reading

McG Dreams Just Random Things (Happy Birthday Annie Oakley)

Don’t look too close it’s just a dream! Continue reading

The Shield which Rendered Her so Strong (Fleur de Lis)

The episode begins with a brutal, unexpected stabbing before we flash back to 24 hours in the past… Continue reading

Now That We Know It’s Time (1204 AM)

A mass murderer named Donovan Shephard is executed and Beth takes Audrey, a young woman with whom she greatly identifies, under her wing. Continue reading

Living Just to Breathe (Arrested Development)

On the one year anniversary of Beth & Josh’s dating relationship, Beth is assigned a story of an call girl murdered under mysterious circumstances. Similarly, Mick takes a case from two parents searching for their missing daughter, who works as an escort-for-hire. Continue reading

She Reigns in my Blood (Fever)

When one of Josh’s key witnesses in a high-profile murder trial goes missing, he enlists Mick’s to help track her down, with Beth as their trusted go-between. Continue reading

Why Paula is the best (a.k.a. McGarrett Movember)

Question: Should Alex O’Loughlin grow a mustache in order to reprise Tom Selleck’s title role in a modern day remake of Magnum, P.I.? Answer: No.  Photo credit: @neropatti

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