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Never Could Understand (The One for Team Coraline)

“You see that old woman? That will never happen to you. You will never grow old, and you will never die.”
― Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire
Continue reading

Almost a Fantasy (Sonata)

Love demands everything and completely with good reason…
Forever thine, forever mine, forever us.
Beethoven’s letter to the Immortal Beloved Continue reading

Your Immortal Life (What’s Left Behind)

A young boy is kidnapped from his bedroom and Ben Talbot invites Beth to join the investigation. Meanwhile, Josef and Mick return from a late night furniture shopping expedition and catch the story on the news… Continue reading

Hymns at Heaven’s Gate (Fated to Pretend)

Mick really loves his humanity, long walks on the beach and dining al fresco – but he loves Beth more. Continue reading

These Mortal Feelings (Love Lasts Forever)

Beth is threatened by a gangster Josh is prosecuting and Mick is frantic to discover the secret of Coraline’s human transformation. Continue reading

Take Your Last Embrace (Sleeping Beauty)

All-too-human Coraline is in the hospital (since Beth didn’t quite murder her) and Josef actually has been murdered- so Mick & Beth hit the road on a cross-country getaway. What do they find in New York City? That’s what’s in this week’s installment of Moonlight episode 10 – Sleeping Beauty…. Continue reading

The Shield which Rendered Her so Strong (Fleur de Lis)

The episode begins with a brutal, unexpected stabbing before we flash back to 24 hours in the past… Continue reading

Let the Proof Remain (The Ringer)

A devastating fire in a downtown Los Angeles hotel draws Mick to the scene, ready to assist in any way he can. Already there are Beth, reporting on the story, and Morgan, a crime photographer who’s new in town… Continue reading

The Flame of the Candle (B.C.)

While Beth is on assignment covering a fashion shoot, a young model named Renee falls ill and suddenly dies – just as Josef goes to Mick for help in tracking down Lola, an ancient vampire who has made off with a bit of Josef’s money. Continue reading

She Reigns in my Blood (Fever)

When one of Josh’s key witnesses in a high-profile murder trial goes missing, he enlists Mick’s to help track her down, with Beth as their trusted go-between. Continue reading

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