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Ideas You Get While Watching “The Arrow” (Happy Birthday Jana)

Stick!Steve makes the right decision, then he makes a better one. This is the conclusion of Stick!Hawaii Five-0 episode 2, “Lilo” (the one about the lost cat). Continue reading

The Adventures of Stick!Mick St. John (and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day)

It’s the early 1980s… Stick!Mick is having a bad day… can Stick!Josef cheer up his emo BFF? Continue reading

The Adventures of Stick!Mick St. John (Español para los vampiros)

Look who came for a visit tonight! I know, I was kind of surprised, too, he’s been pretty quiet lately. Perhaps all the diet coke with lime & coconut rum I’ve been drinking all night had something to do with it. Although it’s no longer Cinco de Mayo where you live, it still is for … Continue reading

It’s The Little Things (Part 2)

The original storyboard / comic strip / MS Paint spazz attack listing 15 items “that made McG happy” was so popular (and I had so many ideas, with so many great suggestions still incoming), that I bowed to INTENSE PEER PRESSURE do to a second set. Thanks to: Paula, LaHagela, heymomo, Karin, Infant, Maureen, Stalker … Continue reading

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