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It’s The Little Things (Part Three)

All good things must come to an end. This is the story of one of them. Continue reading

The Satellites Aren’t Programmed for Cats (Happy Birthday Rainy)

In honor of Rainy’s birthday we have another entry in the series she helped inspire: Stick!Hawaii Five-0 which chronicles the adventures of Stick!Steve McGarrett… and his cat. In this episode, Steve’s commitment issues bring some unintended consequences… Continue reading

Spend Some Time With Vincent (Before the Wheel)

Stuck indoors on a rainy day, Stick!Vincent cleans the house & contemplates the future. Continue reading

Hymns at Heaven’s Gate (Fated to Pretend)

Mick really loves his humanity, long walks on the beach and dining al fresco – but he loves Beth more. Continue reading

These Mortal Feelings (Love Lasts Forever)

Beth is threatened by a gangster Josh is prosecuting and Mick is frantic to discover the secret of Coraline’s human transformation. Continue reading

Five Times The Five-0s Didn’t Know They were Dealing with Burberry McGarrett (and One Time they Did) Master Post

Masterpost for “Five Times The Five-0s Didn’t Know They were Dealing with Burberry McGarrett (and One Time they Did)” originally published back in April here at the Junk Drawer. Burberry comes to Hawaii, meets the team, causes some havoc and lives to tell the tale. Continue reading

The One Time they Did (And Now the Conclusion…)

Steve McGarrett stared in disbelief at the records Chin Ho had pulled up from the Interpol Database and spread across the many monitors of the Five-0 bullpen. He opened his mouth, closed it, rubbed his face. Turning towards Danny, he spread his arms wide. “A twin brother? Really?”

“Apparently so,” Danny said slowly. Continue reading

Mick St. John (and the Hallway Wall)

The Beginning ~ Rupert Brooke (1906) Some day I shall rise and leave my friends And seek you again through the world’s far ends, You whom I found so fair (Touch of your hands and smell of your hair!), My only god in the days that were. My eager feet shall find you again, Though … Continue reading

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