Ringtones and Sound Clips

Makin’ Ringtones! Complicated process but fun! This list will be updated periodically as new ringtones become available (a.k.a., I make them).  Please contact the Junk Drawer (comment below, use twitter or send a message) with your request. File types are m4r or mp3. Email distribution only.

Listed here is the content source of the ringtone (a.k.a. the name of the show or movie the sound clip comes from), the file name of each ringtone with the content of the sound written below.

No copyright infringement intended, made for my amusement only. No profit is made (by me). But you all should run out & buy DVDs of Moonlight, Hawaii Five-0, & The Back Up Plan so CBS can make its money fair & square.



Mick: We were not making out... I only wanna make out with you.
Beth: Yeah, but you don't want to drink my blood.


Mick: We were not making out... I only wanna make out with you.


Mick: Previously on Moonlight ... You wanna have my baby?
Beth: What do you think of Elliot for a boy?


Mick: You wanna have my baby?


Mick: You wanna have my baby?
Beth: What do you think of Elliot for a boy?


From "Click," the sound of Mick yelling "oh god," etc. while Tierney is driving like a maniac


3 thoughts on “Ringtones and Sound Clips

  1. Where is the “on your knees…on your knees”. Ringtone? But seriously, that is not why I am here. As you know, I have entered the future with a smartphone. (andro/d) I’ve been told I need a specialty “wallpaper” and what better than a McG or the core four of 5-0 or AOL one? Can’t find a good one on the Internet but thought of you and wondered if through your tech magic you could put a few together as an additional junk kicker treat. The ones I have seen look like a fan put them out to be downloaded, they don’t look corporate. of course, I may be wrong. Or maybe you know where to find some good ones.

    Posted by cvc | August 25, 2012, 6:12 pm
    • Hey cvc — you can make ANY picture you save on your phone a desktop wallpaper — not sure if you have an iPhone but if you do… find a picture on your phone (either email it to yourself from your desktop computer or go to a website, say like h50bamf.tumblr.com & find a pic you like) and tap & hold down until a menu pops up. One of the options should be “save image.” That will save it to your photo roll (the sunflower icon on an iPhone or your downloads folder on an Android) from there, you can open the picture and use it as a wallpaper.

      Now, the best pics for wallpaper will be taller than they are wide, just like a phone screen. 🙂 However, some pics that are squares work ok, too. I don’t know where to find any pics that were specially edited to be phone wallpaper but it would be easy enough to do! Let me poke around on this one… I haven’t changed my phone wallpaper in ages & this is a good motivation…. 😀

      Posted by SJ2 (Junk Kicker) | August 26, 2012, 9:56 pm
  2. Thanks for the detailed response. I knew I came to the right place. Also, my son who entered the future with me has many wallpapers such as The Avengers, Star Wars and a particular Starship Enterprise you might be interested in if you are considering adding some. No TNG characters though.

    Posted by cvc | August 28, 2012, 6:09 pm

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