H50 Sound Clips

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Hawaii Five-0

Season 2:Episode 17 Kupale (Defender)

Clip 1 - Danno the House Sitter (McG, Danno, The Dog) 1:50
Clip 2 - A Warrior from Another Time (Team) 2:11
Clip 3 - Ask the Expert (Chin, Kono, Danno) 0:56
Clip 4 - Cargument 1: The Lie (McG, Danno) 1:41
Clip 5a - McG the Undoubtedly Insane (McG, Danno, Duke) 0:58
Clip 5b - Frittata Redux (McG, Danno) 0:32
Clip 6 - Cargument 2: The Invite (McG, Danno) 0:53
Clip 7 - The Book 'ems (McG, Danno) 0:16
Clip 8 - Return to HHV (Team) 3:09


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